Eyebrows have always been an important part of everyday make-up. A well-made eyebrow shaping emphasizes the hair, which perfectly matches the rest of the face.
and highlights the beauty. Properly stylized eyebrows can reduce the large forehead, soften sharp scratches, open the eyes.  Slenderize the nose and distract attention from facial shortcomings, such as a strong jaw line. In the selection of the arches must be guided by the shape of the face, complexion and type of beauty. In turn, incorrectly chosen shape or too dark color can add years, emphasize asymmetry or cause the effect of “sad eyes”.

The selection of the shape of eyebrows to the facial features

An oval face. Arches should be natural and relatively soft, narrowing towards the ends.

The face should be round. It should be sharpened and visually extended. The eyebrows should be shaped slightly triangular: clearly mark and sharpen the highest point of the arch. This will make the face slimmer. Rounded eyebrows would give the effect of a surprised look.

Square face. Here we do the opposite of the previous case: The arches should be slightly rounded, subtle, without any edges, which will distract attention from the facial geometry and visually soften the strongly outlined jaw.

The face is oblong. It needs a visual shortening, so the eyebrows fit perfectly straight and dense, without a clear refraction. Too thin eyebrows will make your face even longer.

Triangular face. The wide forehead should be reduced. Here, the best shape of the bow is the classic swallow – the beginnings well to approach and thicken, and the ends slightly lift.

Matching the shape of eyebrows to the face, you do not need to suggest a momentary fashion. Eyebrows should fit to the oval of the face, and not make an impression of drawn.


The most common mistakes made when eyebrow shaping at home:

Thick start, thin end – this is the most common mistake. The beginning of the eyebrows is wide and strongly marked, closer to the eyebrow temple it gets very thin. The disproportion between the thick beginning and the thin end of the eyebrows is so large that the face gets an unnatural expression, its geometry is disturbed.

Very thin eyebrows – incredibly thin, strongly depilated. In an extremely unfavorable version, additionally emphasized with black crayon. Such eyebrows visually aging, do not fit into any face shape.

Overgrown eyebrows – make the face look dangerous, and the features become sharp and highlighted. While overzealous regulation is not advisable, the overgrown eyebrows almost constituting a unity also do not look good. Despite the fact that for the last few seasons the fashion for mega natural
and wide eyebrows, it is better to leave this trend for models on the catwalks.



The space between the eyebrows is too much depilated – the opposite of the previous mistake, it also does not look elegant and disturbs the facial proportions.
It’s not uncommon for ladies to get so excited about eyebrow hair removal that their line starts much further than the three-line method would suggest.  This error often results from a very intensive improvement of the already finished procedure. It’s Italian and it turns out that the eyebrows start much further than we assumed, the nose seems much bigger, the forehead becomes disproportionately large.

The ideal shape of the eyebrows can be a substitute for plastic surgery. Precisely modelled, nourished and well cared for eyebrows can optically reduce or slenderize the nose.  Balance the forehead, even out the asymmetry of the face, “lengthen”, enlarge and lift the eye. That is why it is worth to make the first adjustment in the office of an experienced stylist.


How to find the right shape of eyebrows?

Determining the beginning of the eyebrows you have to put a brush or pencil along the wings of the nose and the inner corners of the nose in a straight upward line. If the nostrils are wide, the distance between the eyebrows will be too large. In this case, the line moves slightly towards the center, which visually reduces the distance between the eyebrows.

The eyebrow arch is the most important element in achieving the ideal eyebrow shape. It is located 2/3 from the beginning of the eyebrows and is their highest point. It should be adjusted to the shape of the face. The arch cannot be too sharp.



The end is determined by using the brush again. We lead a straight line from the nose wing through the outer corner of the eye. This is called a gentle fall arch. Here the eyebrow should be thinner, slightly darker and take up 1/3 of its length.

Unfortunately, few people have a symmetrical face. By marking the eyebrow arch you can perfectly correct the asymmetry, optically lift one part of the face, lengthen or widen it.
In this situation, the eyebrows are shaded a bit higher than the hairs grow, in this way we will even out the proportion and do a “lifting”.eyebrow shapingeyebrow shaping


-dermatoses at the point of adjustment

-mechanical skin damage at the treatment site

-Bacterial, viral, fungal infections of the periorbital area

– standing after surgical procedures around the eyes or eyebrows


Eyebrow Shaping – how does it look like?

The treatment always starts with makeup removal. Then the stylist assesses how much hair to remove. If there is not a lot of hair, the adjustment can be done with tweezers. If the hair is thick and occupies a large area, it is better to do waxing. Optionally you can also do henna, because large hair losses cannot be hidden in any way.