Beautiful, clean and radiant skin is a dream of many women and men. However, we must admit that few are fully satisfied with the appearance of their skin. Many of us struggle with persistent acne, blackheads and pimples. Some skin problems are the result of improper care, polluted air, poor diet or hormonal disorders. Other biological and genetic factors are also involved. In order to meet the needs of men and women of different ages, cosmetologists have developed many cleansing treatments. They are recommended to anyone who wants to improve their skin condition in a safe and effective way. What is facial cleansing in a beautician and what treatments do we have to choose?

When is it worth to go to a beautician’s face cleansing?

Caring for a beautiful and healthy skin is actually a constant struggle. Our daily habits can have a huge impact on the appearance of the skin. It is very important to thoroughly remove make-up, cleanse your face with a gentle preparation. Remember about taking care of the proper level of skin hydration. Sometimes, however, home care is not enough. In such a situation it is worth to use professional skin cleansing treatments.

Some people regularly visit a beauty salon to keep their skin in good condition. Others decide on a series of cleansing treatments when they are preparing for some important event. Still others go to the salon when they cannot deal with skin problems on their own. Regardless of how it is in our situation, it is undoubtedly worth to entrust the appearance and condition of your complexion to specialists. Depending on the intensity of our problem and the effects we want to achieve, we can decide on a more delicate treatment or one with a strong effect. An experienced cosmetologist in a beauty salon can assess the condition of our skin and advise the best solution.

oczyszczanie twarzy u kosmetyczki, facial cleansing


Manual face cleansing and diamond microdermabrasion – for whom?

One of the most popular facial treatments is manual facial cleansing at a beautician. This method is recommended for people struggling with open and closed blackheads and other non-inflammatory changes. Inflammatory acne and purulent pustules are contraindications for manual cleansing. During the treatment the beautician performs a thorough facial makeup removal and then applies a special softening cream. Under the influence of steam, the pores of the skin open up, and then the beautician can remove the impurities with efficient finger movements. After the treatment, a soothing mask is usually applied. The entire treatment is carried out under appropriate hygienic conditions, so it is completely safe. Manual cleaning is often a prelude to other care treatments.

People who want to gently cleanse their skin can also use diamond microdermabrasion. This treatment is a great alternative to classic mechanical peeling. A special device with a diamond head rubs off the top layer of the skin, thus getting rid of dead cells and other impurities. What is more, the treatment stimulates the work of collagen fibres, thanks to which the skin is clearly refreshed and regenerated.

oczyszczanie twarzy u kosmetyczki, facial cleansing


Cavitation and chemical peeling – innovative cleansing treatments

People who want to cleanse their skin more deeply can opt for one of the modern scrubs. Cavitation peeling is based on the action of ultrasound. On the previously moisturized skin of the face, micro bubbles are formed, which crack under the influence of ultrasound vibrations. As a result, the skin is cleansed, refreshed and stimulated to produce collagen fibres and elastin.

One of the most frequently chosen treatments are various types of chemical peelings. These are treatments strongly exfoliating the epidermis, which use the action of AHA and BHA acids. High concentrations of exfoliating substances allow to achieve really spectacular effects. In the salons of J’adore Institute we make chemical peelings by Mediderma. We select the best type of peeling for each of our customers, taking into account their needs, skin condition and intensity of skin lesions. Glycolic, mandelic acid, lactic acid, Tca and salicylic acid are most often used for this type of cleansing treatments.

Laser peeling for the most demanding

One of the most intensive facial cleansing treatments for a beautician is laser peeling. In our offices we offer, among others, the treatment with iPixel fractional laser. The effect of the treatment is a deep skin resurfacing and elimination of blackheads, eczemas and unsightly skin changes. The treatment itself also improves skin tone and helps to reduce dilated pores, which prevents the recurrence of acne or blackheads rash. Electromagnetic waves produced by the laser deeply penetrate the skin. At the same time do not damage tissues, so the treatment is safe and non-invasive. Do you want to take care of your skin in a professional way? Make an appointment for a consultation in our salon in Warsaw or Krakow!