Excessive hair loss affects women and men of all ages. In men, it often occurs after the age of 40-50, in women.聽 The problem may occur after the termination of hormonal contraception, after the birth of a child and after the menopausal period.


There are many other causes that affect hair loss.

One of them – very important, may be vitamin and mineral deficiency. Every day, each person loses about 100 hairs, but when the number increases. It means that steps must be taken as quickly as possible to help us combat the problem. To fight
The problem must be tackled comprehensively, first of all the cause of hair loss must be found, cured and prevented. Properly selected vitamins and supplements are helpful in the fight against excessive hair loss and are easily available in pharmacies.

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What to pay attention to when choosing supplements ?

The supplementation supporting the fight against hair loss has a great advantage – it strengthens hair from the inside, improves the condition of the hair bulb and strengthens the structure of the hair shaft.

Preparations containing quite a large dose of biotin, i.e. vitamin H, are very popular because it is the vitamin best tested in terms of hair loss. Sulphur molecules contained in vitamin H affect the keratinization process, i.e. it takes part in the hair building process.

Excessive hair loss is often accompanied by seborrheic dermatitis.

Biotin inhibits excessive activity of sebaceous glands, because it affects the function of the thyroid gland, which is responsible for the condition of hair and scalp.

Methionine is an amino acid which contributes to a better absorption of zinc and selenium, improving the condition of hair. It positively influences hair growth and nourishment of hair follicles, because it is a building component of hair. Methionine is not produced by the body so it is worthwhile to provide it in the form of dietary supplements. Too little amino acid may contribute to weakening of hair structur.

hair loss

Cysteine works on hair effectively and quickly.

It gives great effects when used regularly. It strengthens hair growth, reduces excessive hair loss, and is excellent at dealing with very damaged hair. Cysteine is often an ingredient of shampoos for dry, damaged and shiny hair. Thanks to this element we improve the condition of hair and dry scalp.

Zinc is one of the essential microelements, which is essential for the proper immune system.

It affects the absorption of vitamin A, which is also responsible for the sebaceous glands and plays a role in the formation of keratin. Zinc is one of the essential microelements that controls the amino acid metabolism. This is important because hair is formed by amino acids. Iron, which is a key element responsible for the proper functioning of the body, is helpful in the fight against hair loss. It is found in the haemoglobin transporting oxygen and enzymes in the body. If there is a shortage of this element, our body first takes care of the most important organs. Such as the lungs and heart and then the iron is transported to the hair roots.


Therefore, correct iron supplementation plays an important role in the proper functioning of the body and healthy appearance of hair.

Another important micronutrient is selenium:

which moisturizes hair so it does not look dry, is less brittle and becomes more flexible. Selenium plays an important role in strengthening the immune system. Because an appropriate level of the micronutrient will ensure the production of macrophages. Lymphocytes and antibodies that protect the body against harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses. Selenium has an anti-inflammatory and antiviral effect. It protects us against the herpes virus as well as herpes zoster.

Prevents the formation of dandruff. It has an antioxidant effect, i.e. it removes free radicals from the body which have a negative impact on cell membranes. As they can contribute to the destruction and slowing down the graying process. By combining selenium with vitamin E we protect hair from harmful sunlight.


Therefore, to see the effect of supplementation on falling out hair we should remember to take vitamins regularly. The first signs of hair strengthening and better hair condition can be seen after about 1 month. However, we must remember that correct supplementation is not enough. Healthy diet and hair care treatments also have a positive effect on our scalp and hair.

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