Every girl knows Ania Shirley. Her characteristics, and at the same time her curse, are red hair and freckles. If Ania was alive nowadays she would surely want to change her appearance somehow. Hair can be dyed, but how to remove freckles?

Freckles – formation

Freckles appear as a result of excessive production of a skin pigment called melanin.

It should be remembered that the possession of freckles is often genetically determined. And it particularly often occurs in people with light or even pale complexion and light hair. And although the ones on the face are the most visible. They may also appear on other parts of the body, e.g. shoulders, neckline, back.

Unfortunately, they cannot be completely removed. However, in order to definitely reduce their visibility it is worth to use one of the following techniques of aesthetic medicine.

How to remove freckles – Dye-VL

Dye-VL is a therapy based on non-invasive action on the skin with a narrow-band, pulsed light source.

The aim of the therapy is to thermally damage those skin cells in which excess melanin has accumulated.

It is extremely important to use light with a wavelength between 500 and 600 nm. This is the safest range for skin with discoloration.

The Dye-VL treatment is also effective in the treatment of rosacea and skin inflammation.
After the treatment the discoloration darkens and peels off after a few days. The darker the discoloration, the more effective the treatment will be.

In most cases the treatment should be repeated for optimal results, most often it will be a series of 4 to 6 treatments, repeated every 3 weeks.

It is important that during the treatment and a month before and after with an SPF 50 filter.

Jak usunąć piegi, How to remove freckles

How to remove freckles – acid peelings

Acid peelings are a good solution not only for freckles or discoloration holders. Also for people tired of wrinkles in the mouth and eye area, too dilated pores or extremely visible acne scars. Examples of acid peelings: tranexamic acid, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), retinol (vitamin A), arbutin.

Attention! Performing acid peelings by incompetent people (e.g. at home) can lead to permanent discoloration of the skin. Therefore, it is very important to make sure in advance that there are no contraindications for this therapy.

Acid peelings cause exfoliation of the epidermis and inhibit the formation of discoloration, while brightening the existing ones.

During the treatment, the cosmetologist selects the preparations for the unique needs of your skin.

The effects can often be seen just a few days after the first treatment, but it is recommended to make peelings every 3-4 weeks to achieve optimal results.

How to remove freckles – iPixel

iPixel is a unique laser, which instead of a standard single laser beam consists of a group of several dozen microbeams.

The technology allows for more accurate penetration into the skin. It gives the effect of smoothing and evening out the color by peeling off the keratinized layer of the epidermis. After the treatment the skin regenerates extremely quickly because its structure is not affected.

The iPixel laser has a wavelength of 2940 nm. This allows you to perform very effective treatments also for other skin imperfections such as stretch marks, post-traumatic or acne scars.

The treatment is performed every 3 or 4 weeks, depending on skin condition.

To prevent the formation of discolorations, including freckles, we recommend avoiding the sun during hours of increased exposure (between 10 and 15) and obligatory use creams with SPF 50+ filter.

All of the above treatments are carried out in our J’adore Institute salons in Warsaw and Krakow.

We guarantee a comprehensive approach to your body and needs!

We have excellent medical equipment for such treatments as laser hair removal, lasers for removing discoloration, vessels, wrinkles, iPixel fractional laser, IQ plasma, LPG endermology and many others.

Jak usunąć piegi, How to remove freckles

Removing freckles – is this possible?

100% removal of freckles is not possible, but the following techniques can be used to significantly reduce unsightly freckles:

Dye-VL – an intense source of light that is absorbed by the pigment cells. After the treatment the discoloration darkens and peels off after a few days. The darker the discoloration the more effective the treatment. The frequency of 4-6 treatments every 3 weeks. One month before, after and during the treatment it is necessary to use creams with SPF 50 filter.
Acid peelings – exfoliate the epidermis, inhibit the process of discoloration formation, lighten already existing discoloration. During the treatment the cosmetologist selects the preparations to the needs of the skin. Frequency of treatments every 3-4 weeks, e.g. TRX peeling tranquillizing acid, vitamin C, retinol, arbutin.
iPixel – indirectly influences the skin’s color compensation by exfoliating the keratinized epidermis. Treatment iPixel is performed every 3-4 weeks. Absolute photoprotection is obligatory.

If your skin has a tendency to develop discolouration, e.g. freckles, do not expose yourself to strong sunlight and use SPF 50+.