The delicate floss that appears above the upper lip is the property of every woman and is her inseparable natural element. Sometimes, however, the hair becomes thicker and more visible. It happens that hair can also be found around the mouth, on the chin or cheeks. This causes a problem because hair looks unsightly and reduces women’s self-esteem. Unwanted hair can become one of the main causes of complexes and lack of acceptance of your body. This results in a lack of self-confidence. How to remove the moustache?

There can be many reasons for a woman’s moustache. Often the source of this problem is written in our genes. The tendency to develop darker and thicker hairs can be inherited from a member of our family. Ethnic origin is also a factor determining the color of our hair. This is due to the fact that people with southern origins very often have much darker hair not only on the face but also on the whole body. However, hormonal disorders are often the cause of problematic hair. They occur when there is a large number of male hormones in the female body. Hormonal storm is also associated with puberty, entering the menopause and using hormone therapy. Unwanted facial hair appears in case of thyroid and ovarian diseases.

How to get rid of unwanted facial hair?

Nowadays there are many methods and ways to get rid of female facial hair, so having it shouldn’t be a big problem for us. There are many ways to get rid of unwanted hair, from tweezers, creams to techniques used in beauty parlors. Beauty salons offer treatments that allow you to get rid of unwanted hair for a longer time.

jak usun膮膰 w膮sik, remove the moustache

One way is waxing.

This hair removal is one of the most effective methods of removing unwanted hair. It consists in pulling out the hair together with its roots using warm wax or sugar paste. During the treatment the wax is applied to the problematic area using a spatula or special inserts with wax inside. 聽This method has many advantages. The first advantage of waxing is the effect that lasts up to 4 weeks. Each time you use the wax treatment, the regrowth of the hair becomes noticeable weaker and thinner. This is a way to get rid of the moustache in a very short time, and most importantly it is a very effective method. After the treatment the depilated lip area regenerates quickly and the risk of irritation is not high.

After the wax treatment, the skin is cared for and smooth. In order to remove the remains of wax from the face special fluids based on mineral oil are used. They remove the remains of wax, additionally they have a soothing and moisturizing effect. Additionally, performing the treatment in the beauty salon, we surrender to experienced people. As you know, to properly remove the moustache, it is necessary to be experienced and precise when working with wax. 聽There are also contraindications which make it impossible to perform the waxing procedure. Contraindications include: diabetes mellitus, skin inflammation, skin swelling, allergy to wax.

How to remove the moustache? Another way to get rid of unwanted hair is laser hair removal.

This type of hair removal consists in destroying the hair matrix through a laser beam, penetrating the skin without any damage to the epidermis. The laser hits the hair follicle exactly and burns it. The light effectively reduces up to 90% of unwanted hairs. In order to get rid of hair for a longer period of time we propose a series of 6 to 8 treatments at a time interval of about 4-6 weeks. After the treatment the skin may be slightly reddened. However, skin redness is normal after this treatment and disappears after a few hours. This method is completely painless. The feeling of discomfort because the treatment is eliminated by using a cooling compress.

As with any treatment there are contraindications to perform it. The use of laser is not recommended in the case of cancer, pregnancy and breastfeeding, viral and bacterial infections in a given area, while taking photosensitizing drugs, which may cause abnormal skin reactions during contact with the laser.

jak usun膮膰 w膮sik, remove the moustache

Face flossing is also a method used to get rid of problematic hair.

The flossing procedure removes moustache, cheek hairs and precisely regulates eyebrows. To perform the treatment you need cotton thread and disinfectant. It can be oxidized water or alcoholic face tonic. The thread forms a loop moving along the skin, which works similarly to an epilator. It pulls out all the hairs it encounters along with their bulbs. This is a non-invasive treatment and has a much greater precision than the hairs pulled out with tweezers. In addition to the method of flossing the face there are no contraindications. Threading does not irritate or sensitize.

Treatments for removing unwanted facial hair are offered by the J’adore Institute beauty salon, and the salon’s facilities are located in Warsaw and Krakow. Please use the following form to make a reservation聽