Lamination of the eyelashes is a revolutionary treatment that allows to strengthen, heal, lift and curl the lashes. The effect lasts from 5 to 8 weeks. After the treatment you can use mascara and other eye cosmetics, use the sauna, swimming pool. Lamination of eyelashes is recommended for people whose eyelashes are rare, thin, bright, straight, without shine. After the treatment, the hairs, thanks to black pigment dyeing, become darker, appear longer and gain clarity. Keratin leaves a casing on the hair, which, in addition to adding volume and hardness, protects the eyelashes from UV radiation, moisture and irritating components and increases the adhesion of the mascara.


Eyelash Laminating: What does the treatment look like?

Lamination treatment takes about 60 minutes. Eyelashes are glued on silicone rollers, dyeing and waiting for the preparations to dry.

Step 1

Lamination starts with preparing the eyelashes and skin for the treatment: the upper eyelashes together with the eyelid are degreased, a cotton pad is placed on the lower eyelid, which will protect the skin from contact with the preparations. The lower eyelashes must be carefully separated to avoid sticking to the upper ones.

Step 2

A silicone roller is glued on the upper eyelid, onto which the upper lashes are screwed. The size of the roller is selected according to the customer’s expectations: the smaller the roller, the stronger the twist.

Step 3

Then a preparation is applied to the eyelashes, which opens the scales.

Step 4

The next preparation closes the hair husk and maintains the curl.

Step 5

The black pigment is then applied.


Step 6

The last step of lamination is to fix with a mixture that contains keratin, vitamins and oils.

Recommendations after the lamination procedure

Do not wet your eyelashes for 24 hours because the nutrients need time to be absorbed.聽 During this time, avoid the gym, sauna, swimming pool, avoid moisture. Immediately after the treatment, the eyelashes are stuck in tufts, sometimes you can see remnants of glue or preparations. Only after the first wash can you see the final result.


Lamination of eyelashes: contraindications





-Eye infections

-Irritated skin or interruption of the epidermis around the eyes

-pregnancy and lactation period

-Chealing with chemotherapy

-Operations of the eyes and surrounding area performed in less than 6 months

Lamination of eyelashes: effects

Laminating eyelashes is a way to strengthen the eyelashes naturally, without the feeling of “glued” eye. However, if you are expecting spectacularly thick and long eyelashes, you may not feel completely satisfied. Lamination effect depends largely on the starting material. If the eyelashes are very short, they will only be stronger and dimmed after the treatment. For a range of eyelashes, however, you have to decide on an extension treatment.




Lamination of eyelashes – advantages


-Lash lift

– Turn-over

-spectacular appearance

– Eyelash nutrition from the inside

– Improving the condition of eyelashes

– no need for refilling every 2-3 weeks or correction, as in the case of extensions

– easy availability of treatment in beauty salons

-Low price

Extension: is it worth it?


Eyes 1 to 1

Eyes 1 to 1 is the method for the most natural effect.聽 It consists in sticking to one natural eyelash – one artificial one, of the same length or longer.

Eyelashes 1 to 1 – effects

Eyelash extensions are one of the most popular treatments that women decide on. It consists of using synthetic eyelashes.聽 It is a simple way to thicken lashes and lengthen them. Recommended for people who have a light frame of the eye or very rare, stiff
and short eyelashes. This treatment requires supplementing. Eyelashes last up to 4 to 6 weeks, but it is best done every 2-3 weeks.


Eyes 1 to 1 – advantages

– thick, long and curly lashes

-You don’t have to paint yourself with ink

– does not affect the natural lashes

-Spectacular effect lasts even 6 weeks


Are 1 to 1 lashes safe?

When deciding on artificial eyelashes, it should be remembered that they can, however, burden our natural ones. A lot depends on how they are applied, what glue is used and what material they are made of. Care of the eyelashes after the treatment is very important – we have to take care of combing as well as hygiene.聽 聽After putting on artificial eyelashes we have to avoid the sensitive areas of the eye. Pretty strong rubbing can cause the eyelashes to come off.


Eyelashes 1 to 1 – price, duration of treatment

The first eyelash extension procedure using the 1 to 1 method takes about 2-3 hours. You also have to pay much more for it than for laminating. Please note that this is not a one-time treatment. After 2-3 weeks we have to go back to the office and either make a correction or pull the eyelashes off.



Other methods of eyelash extensions

Apart from method 1 to 1, you can try other volumetric methods. It all depends on what effect you want to achieve. The popular are 2D eyelashes, 3D eyelashes and even thicker ones. If you are afraid that such thickening and lengthening will heavily burden your natural eyelashes you can use other methods: e.g. “cat’s eye”.聽 The method consists in thickening and lengthening the eyelashes only in the outer corner of the eyes. Additionally, we can correct the shape of the eyes.

You can also use a less popular method: whole stripes of eyelashes. They are glued a few millimeters higher than the natural eyelashes, and then taken off completely. Although this method does not weigh down our natural lashes, it is also not as durable as volumetric methods. It does not work, also in case of very drooping eyelids and deeply set eyes.


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