There is no denying that currently tattoos are extremely fashionable, especially for young people. Most teenagers, who decide to commemorate them – effectively browse the Internet in search of an effective, yet cheap method of removing them. Tattoos in the form of a small picture, a graphic sign or a few letters, after just a few years. Let’s not hide – removing a tattoo is not an easy, pleasant thing, and certainly not cheap. Find out more about tattoo removal.

usuwanie tatua偶u, tattoo removal

Tattoo removal

Note: it is not possible to remove the tattoo with a peeling or any exfoliating cosmetic. The myth is that friction will cause complete loss of the dye. There are three traditional methods: dermabrasion, surgical laser and deep chemical peeling. Nowadays, laser tattoo removal using Q-switch laser by Alma Lasers is becoming increasingly popular.

Laser tattoo removal is much easier and less invasive than traditional methods. The laser beam effectively breaks down the dye, and our immune system, or more precisely macrophages eliminate its particles from our body. We can say that the whole thing is not only effective but also very safe.

usuwanie tatua偶u, tattoo removal

How long does it take to remove the tattoo with a Q-switch laser?

Definitely one treatment is not enough to get rid of the whole dye from our body. Depending on the size of the tattoo, its thickness and color, the chemical composition of the dye and the depth of placement it can be from two to ten treatments.

Laser tattoo removal by the mentioned method is good as it practically never causes any complications. Everything depends of course on the quality of the equipment. We can proudly admit that in our J’adore institute we have the highest class, technologically advanced Q-switch laser. Treatments are carried out with almost one hundred percent efficiency in sterile, yet comfortable for the “customer” conditions.