Undoubtedly, scars are not the decoration of our body. Fortunately, today there are effective ways to get rid of them. You do not have to finally undergo invasive surgery. Properly selected treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology will suffice. 聽Scars from mechanical injuries of the skin, postoperative scars and acne scars can be removed in a fully safe way. Learn more about the methods that will restore your skin’s impeccable appearance. Laser scar removal is the most effective solution!

Effective scar removal methods

The scar is a consequence of damage to the dermis. It usually creates distinctive traces on the body and affects the formation of numerous complexes. There are many types of scars, which are the result of different types of damage. Fortunately, aesthetic medicine today offers laser scar removal, which effectively eliminates such skin dysfunctions.

Laser therapy is currently one of the most effective. Why? Safe and non-invasive techniques for combating permanent marks on the skin. Performed in a professional manner, it does not cause any complications.

The process of removing scars by means of laser is simple. Just a few treatments at equal intervals. The number and frequency of treatments is determined by a qualified specialist. A few treatments are enough to shallow the deep scars, lighten the resulting discoloration or completely eliminate the skin damage.

Laser removal of scars consists in penetrating the deep layers of the skin with laser beams of light that reach the appropriate layers of the skin. This specific “light” stimulates tissues to regenerate naturally. There is an increased production of collagen and elastin. With each subsequent treatment the damaged dermis is renewed and a completely healthy tissue appears in its place.

laserowe usuwanie blizn, laser scar removal

It is worth to know that laser scar removal is not a relaxation treatment. Each session lasts from a few to several minutes.

How to prepare for laser scar removal?

Interestingly, laser scarring does not require any preparation. However, the scar must not be fresh and the skin can’t be irritated, injured or tanned. Why? Because there is a risk of permanent discoloration. Before the procedure, the patient should not take photosensitizing medicines, and should not use ointment or gel dedicated to the cosmetic removal of scars. Immediately before the procedure it is forbidden to use scrubs that exfoliate dead epidermis, thus reducing the scars. Laser scar removal does not have to be combined with other treatments, because such a therapy is most effective today.

Before the first treatment, an in-depth consultation is required, during which the patient is informed about the course of laser therapy. Any contraindications are also excluded and the specialist assesses the condition and type of the scar. Thanks to this, he can choose the right laser, which emits beams of light with the right intensity. Today, the most effective is the Ipixel laser, which removes not only scars after injuries or acne scars, but even the deep ones – postoperative.

How long does it take to recover from the surgery?

Since laser scar removal is a safe method, if performed correctly, it does not involve unwanted complications, the patient can return to standard activity immediately after the procedure. The skin at the site of exposure may be irritated (the recovery period is an individual issue), for several hours there may be increased redness and swelling. If necessary, the specialist recommends supportive measures which will help to alleviate the area undergoing the treatment. The skin undergoing laser therapy cannot only be tanned until the treatment is completed.

laserowe usuwanie blizn, laser scar removal

Laser scar removal – can everyone benefit?

Although laser scarring is a safe treatment for the human body, not everyone can benefit from it. Contraindications are mainly pregnancy, breastfeeding period, tendency to develop scars, oncological diseases. Skin diseases such as albinism, psoriasis or active inflammation. Scars will not be removed on injured, irritated skin. Scars (depending on the type) can be removed with a laser approximately six months after their formation – i.e. after the wound has completely healed. However, the earlier the treatment starts, the better the results can be achieved.

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