Feet are a very important part of our body. They guide us along different paths and allow us to discover new things. The awareness of foot care is increasing every year and the market is filled with many care products. However, in many cases, the toenails of the feet are neglected during care and remain unattended and weak. Find out more about聽pedicure treatment mystery!

Nails are not only a manicure…

If we hear the word “nails” it will probably be associated with the fingernails in our hand. There is nothing wrong with this, it is rather normal in the era of the ubiquitous hybrid or gel manicure. Practically every second woman on the street has well maintained nails in her hand. This is really astonishing! The fact worth noting is that our hands are exposed all year round and thanks to that we can present our manicure to others. We also feel more confident with our hands and nails being cared for. In the case of our feet, we usually expose them only in summer. During other seasons we hide them in shoes and socks. Statistically, in the summer most pedicure treatments are performed.

What is a聽pedicure treatment mystery?

Pedicure is a care treatment that improves the aesthetics and comfort of your feet. The keratinized epidermis is peeled off, the nail plate is shortened and unsightly cuticles around the nail are removed. It is worth mentioning that most pedicure treatments are cheaper than manicure in the autumn-winter season! Feet are a part of the body to which some people do not want to show them to others. Relax, the beauticians performing the treatment are professionals and will not pay attention to the size or shape of your foot. The most important thing is to wash your feet well and moisturise them.

pedicure treatment mystery

Pedicure treatment mystery? It will protect your nails.

Systematic pedicure is necessary in case of excessive keratinization of the feet, which is characterized by dry and rough feet. This is a genetic disorder, so you should keep a close eye on both your feet and those closest to you. Excessive keratinization of the feet may appear already in adolescence. Statistically, this disease affects one in 100 thousand people. However, it is worth blowing cold and establish some care for your feet, which will moisturize them properly and alleviate slight keratoses, which appear in many people.

Another ailment that can be alleviated by systematic pedicure are excessively thickened nails. This does not hinder life as much as the keratinization of the feet, but it often drives people with this type of nail into complexes. Interestingly, it is not such a rare type, and many people struggle with such weakness. In anguish, a pedicure procedure and professional cosmetician’s work comes to help.

It is hard to believe, but the problem can disappear in a blink of a second during the treatment. All you need to do is to pin the nail question well and consciously to achieve the right thickness. It is also worth noting that the plate cannot be too thin so it is not recommended for people with such a plate to perform pedicure and manicure systematically!

What kind of pedicure will improve the condition of my nails?

The most popular types of 聽pedicure treatment are: hybrid, classic and Japanese pedicure. The choice of treatment depends on your expectations. Starting with hybrid pedicure it is worth mentioning that it is not for everyone. If you have very sensitive skin around your nails or an ultra thin plate you should let go of this treatment and go for classic pedicure, which is far less invasive for this type of person. The hybrid option will be great for people who complain about brittle nails, fast-scrubbing polish and unsightly feet. Treatment will make them stop worrying about the appearance of their feet and can feel confident in their body. Previously mentioned classic pedicure is simply painting the nails with polish, together with shaping them and cutting out the cuticles. The treatment often includes a softening and refreshing bath and full care along with the removal of keratinized epidermis.

Japanese pedicure treatment mystery? A real pleasure. During the treatment all keratinized parts of the epidermis are removed with a miller. This device also removes the cuticles around the nail. Then the nails are given a proper shape and painted with classic, hybrid or conditioner nail polish.

Interesting fact for the treated

It should be emphasized that after a hybrid or Japanese pedicure treatment you can immediately put on the shoes. In the case of the classic version of the treatment you have to wait about 30 minutes for the styling to become fixed on the nail plate. Each beautician should inform their clients about it, especially during the autumn-winter period!

pedicure treatment mystery

Where is the best way to do a pedicure treatment?

The biggest cities in Poland such as Warsaw or Krakow have many salons with really well-trained people who are in the right place. However, it is worth recommending the place of J’adore Institute, which appears both in the capital city and in Krakow. Many people appreciate the services performed in this very salon. They have a wide range of different treatments at very good prices. It is really worth taking care of the appearance and health of your feet in the company of professionals.

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