Almost every beauty parlor offers us a range of treatments for cellulite. It can be said that all kinds of facilities are trying to outdo each other in inventing more clever, complicated methods of fighting with orange peel. Few women realize that actually there are only a few treatments that will bring the desired effect. For the rest, improvement may be visible for a short time – a few weeks after the visit. In order not to be tricked, you need to know what to look for. J’adore Institute has in its offer only proven, safe and secure anti-cellulite treatments:

Endermologie LPG

Endermologie is a special type of massage – mechanical message. The device is equipped with a special head with two rollers respectively oppresses covered with cellulite place and a special suction chamber is sucking massaged skin fold. The whole thing is not only painless, but also extremely effective. Note: This procedure is very beneficial for the whole body!

endermologie krakow Cellulite? – It is not a problem

Accent XL Alma Lasers

Accent XL is a treatment that appeared in Poland recently. Special device uses an electromagnetic field oscillating at a frequency of radio waves. This phenomenon is adequately stimulate the various processes, including the formation of collagen in the skin. The effects are already visible after the first treatment.

slimming  Cellulite? – It is not a problem

Chinese cups

Chinese cups are a real hit among anti-cellulite treatments. Suitable vacuum therapy provides a clear and more permanent effects and almost immediately. Massage with Chinese cups are very beneficial for the body – not only helps to get rid of orange peel, but also reduces body fat, relaxes and cleanses the body.

slimming treatment krakow 1 1 Cellulite? – It is not a problem

Mesotherapy of CelluCare products

Mesotherapy is a procedure involving the injection of a location covered with orange peel corresponding substances. Our Institute uses only proven, high-quality products of CelluCare , Strechcare, Aqualyx or Dermaheal LL.

slimming treatment krakow best Cellulite? – It is not a problem

Do you want to once and for all get rid of cellulite? Now that is not a problem! J’adore Institute offers high-quality anti-cellulite treatments. We guarantee satisfaction!