Retinol, the substance of eternal youth.聽Surely, the name retinol has already passed you somewhere, but you may not have much idea what it is actually about. This entry will help you to find out about the use of retinol. You will find out if it is care for your needs and why it is difficult to imagine anti-aging without it. Retnol has gained a lot of interest recently and we are here to explain to you exactly why it happened.

What is retinol for?

Retinol is nothing but a vitamin A derivative. So far no better absorbable form of this ingredient has been found than retinol. Thanks to its structure and form, it penetrates into deep layers of the skin, which stimulates it to act from the inside. The cells that produce collagen, elastin and our natural hyaluronic acid in the body, start to work harder, and as a result we can see an increase in firmness of our face, smoothing it, making wrinkles shallow and improving skin elasticity.

With age, unfortunately, these processes slow down and we get aging of the skin. This is the moment when it is worth introducing retinol to our care ritual. It will help in the above mentioned ailments, and additionally it has exfoliating properties, which will help to get rid of discolorations caused by exposure to sunlight or the remaining after acne. A great advantage of this substance is also the fact that it causes deep renewal of our skin, thanks to which new cells are replaced with new ones and it helps to calm acne. It is suitable for virtually all skin types, even sensitive ones.


How do I start the care with retinol?

The processes responsible for the aging of our skin start when we are between 25 and 30 years old. This is the right time to adapt to the increased needs of our body. Then it is worth introducing additional products to help us fight this process. Due to its strong exfoliating properties, retinol is recommended to be introduced to care gradually and in moderation. Important, neither the first products we buy had low concentration.

Our first adventures in most cases will be associated with redness, slight irritation and burning and scaling of the skin. These symptoms are completely normal, because they are consequences of the first mobilization of our cells. It is worth starting with products that have a concentration of less than 1%. This may seem like little, but it will help us avoid unpleasant effects and help our skin to get used to the new substance slowly. The recommended frequency is to use a cosmetic with retinol every about three days, but you should carefully observe the reaction of our mouth. If the redness is strong and there is an unpleasant burning, there is no need to be discouraged, but to reduce the frequency of use.

The next step in stopping the aging process is to introduce retinol into our routine.

After learning about the effects of retinol, we can slowly increase its dosage in cosmetics. However, we should remember to continue to carefully observe the behavior of our skin and not to exaggerate or hurry. The big advantage is that retinol, due to its power of action, is not as strong as cosmetic acids, so it can be used all year round with the use of a suitable cosmetic containing SPF. We have nothing left but to match the right brand and use retinol and then enjoy the effects.


Is retinol suitable for any skin?

Like every substance on the market, retinol has its limitations. In this case it is not recommended for use by pregnant or breastfeeding women. Also, if our skin is highly sensitive and does not react positively for a long time to even the lowest doses of retinol concentration, it is worth looking for other ways to rejuvenate the skin. Remember to look carefully at every reaction to a new cosmetic.

Professional care, an important element of skin care

Introducing professional treatments to our care is extremely beneficial and will help us to achieve highly desirable results. Home care itself is a great first step, but regular visits to the beauty salon has a number of benefits. First of all, we are serviced by people with great knowledge and experience. Our institute employs top-class specialists who, thanks to their individual approach to each client, are able to do wonders in terms of improving the appearance. One of the most important issues is to select the treatment exclusively for our needs. This can only be guaranteed by choosing the right place to perform such a procedure.

The offer on the market is quite rich, and for example in our Jadore Institutes in Krakow and Warsaw we offer the best available ways to stop aging. Treatments with retinol include the dermaquest Retinol C Infusion Peel, pumpkin peeling dermaquest or mediderma peeling. All these treatments should be carried out by an experienced person of proper knowledge. Therefore, our team consists only of top class specialists. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer.