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Pedicure schellac


We work on the highest quality products from Indigo, Mollon and Gelish.


Pedicure 聽shellac is a technique that ensures long-lasting effects of nail painting on the feet. Thanks to the professional skills of the nail stylist, a special lamp and varnishes, we can enjoy the beautiful color of the nails for at least a few weeks. The cosmetic procedure lasts a maximum of 2 hours.

Due to the fact that the varnish is cured in the lamp and does not require additional time to dry the nails, we recommend it to all customers. Especially in the autumn and winter, which would like to leave the office immediately after the procedure, without waiting for the varnish to dry and without fear that wearing socks or shoes will destroy the obtained effect.

The procedure is performed with full diligence, but above all sterility, because the tools are sterilized after each procedure, which is an additional advantage over the quality of home and salon pedicure.


The treatment voucher is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.