Each of us wants to look young despite our age. The first place that can betray it is the face. It is the business card of a person and creates a first impression. Flawless, smooth and radiant skin is a sign of a youthful appearance. And also does not require the use of a large amount of makeup cosmetics. So the condition of our facial skin makes us feel comfortable and increases our attractiveness.

Unfortunately, the number of wrinkles, discolorations and other skin imperfections increases with age.

This is due to the increasing sensitivity of adult skin to harmful factors such as sunlight, free radicals, improper diet and air pollution. How, then, can the skin of the face be restored to its former glory? A therapy using ferulic acid can help. Learn more about ferulic acid.

Ferulic acid in cosmetics

Ferulic acid is a natural compound, which in the cosmetic industry is extracted from cereal grains. It has a sunscreen effect, so it is often used in creams to protect against harmful UVA and UVB radiation. This compound is not only a protector, but also prevents photoaging of the skin. Therefore, it prevents the occurrence of wrinkles (caused by the stimulation of free radicals by the sun and mimic wrinkles), skin discoloration (all sun spots, freckles, uneven skin tone), deterioration of skin quality (increased sensitivity, loss of elasticity and dryness), as well as very important precancerous and cancerous changes (caused by free radicals).

Photoaging and DNA

All of the above-mentioned skin abnormalities that result from facial exposure to the sun begin at the cellular level. It is as a result of sun exposure that cell DNA is damaged, resulting in wrinkles. The skin becomes less taut, rough, dry, and less resistant to adverse factors.


Our anti-aging treatments

Ferulic acid and retinol Mediderma. Treatments using these two substances have many benefits. Namely, they improve skin density, deal with changes in epidermal pigmentation (reduction of discolouration), rejuvenate and fight inflammation (acne, seborrhoea). Retinol has a strong anti-wrinkle, smoothing and firming effect (by stimulating the skin to produce collagen and elastin). The quality of the skin is improved and the oval of the face is modelled.

Zabiegi na rozszerzone pory - jak je skutecznie zmniejszyć , ferulac acid

Ferulic acid and vitamin C Mediderma. This is a safe year-round treatment that can be applied just in time for going out for a special occasion. It specifically adds a glow to the face, so it leaves it ready to go both with and without makeup. Therefore, it is a great banquet treatment. The molecules of the preparation penetrate deeply into the skin, nourishing and brightening it. While the vitamin C contained in this formula has an even stronger effect on brightening discolouration. As well as sealing blood vessels, which has a protective function. The treatment is also highly oxidative, and thanks to its deep action, the effects stay with us for a long time.

Other treatments

Mediderma DNA Recovery Peel is an anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, brightening and smoothing treatment. Its aim is to stimulate liposomes in the skin to work so that they can reach the deepest layers of the skin with beneficial substances. The preparation includes ferulic acid, retinol, growth factors (EGF, TGF, beta2), repair enzymes (photolyase, endonuclease, exonuclease) and zinc and amino acids (improve the structure of DNA in the cell). DNA Recovery Peel therapy has a strong repairing effect on every aspect of photoaging of the skin. Thanks to nanotechnological approach it is able to stop the processes of skin chrono-aging.

Kwasy złuszczające - czy to sposób na piękną skórę,FERULIC ACID

Contraindications to perform the procedure boil down to abandon it in the summer (due to too high UV factor of the sun). Allergy to any of the ingredients of the preparation. Herpes in the lesion, a tendency of the skin to scarring. Facial surgery performed in the last 6 months, lactation or pregnancy, birthmarks, a large number of so-called. In the case of a full course of therapy, the patient undergoes a full course of treatment.

Which is performed on the face, with the use of the following:

the skin of the face, the tendency to scarring. Facial surgeries performed in the last 6 months, lactation or pregnancy.  Characteristic moles, a large number of so-called spider veins, tendency to autoimmune diseases, skin irritations or injuries, very strong untreated acne, no oral retinol intake in the last 12 months, untreated metabolic and systemic diseases. As for the full cycle of therapy, 4-8 treatments are performed every 7-28 days.

Kwasy złuszczające - czy to sposób na piękną skórę,FERULIC ACID

The above-described methods of fighting photoaging give very visible results.  And last for a long time thanks to the slow release of beneficial ingredients. This is due to the nanotechnological work of these preparations at the cellular level. Rotation of treatments and their extension in time is determined by a specialist cosmetologist. All treatments can be done in our salon in Warsaw.