Aesthetic medicine treatments are more and more popular among both men and women. Year after year the group of people who want to look better and better is also expanding. They want to prevent the signs of passing time on their skin. Aesthetic medicine treatments are mainly used because of skin firming, improving its appearance. A better look also means greater self-confidence at any age. Aesthetic medicine treatments are primarily modern and increasingly effective methods of rejuvenation. Treatments to fight against skin aging and various diseases, whose occurrence can be reduced or completely reduced.

Indications for aesthetic medicine treatments

When should you choose aesthetic medicine treatments? The main indications include poor blood supply to the skin, discoloration and wrinkles that occur around the eyes, lips, or those appearing on the forehead. With treatments you can model facial contours, eliminate acne scars, help to treat eczema or psoriasis. Aesthetic medicine treatments can be used to fill thin lines of wrinkles. Additionally, oxygenating the skin in all its layers and restoring its young, attractive appearance. The treatments will also help in case of clogged and dilated pores on the face. Also: dilated capillaries, or marking lines around the mouth. They are also often used in case of capillary skin, sensitive redness with allergic tendencies and various types of skin eczema. However, the main indication to carry out the treatments is to restore the glow and revitalize the skin on the face.

zabiegi medycyny estetycznej, Aesthetic medicine treatments

Contraindications for aesthetic medicine treatments

We must remember that there are a number of contraindications that prevent them. First of all, you should make an appointment to see the doctor who will carry out the interview. Aesthetic medicine treatments cannot be performed in the case of pregnancy and breastfeeding, cancer, diabetes mellitus, epilepsy of loose AD. The treatment will also not be performed in case of visible lesions of bacterial, fungal or viral origin. The presence of herpes or abscess and other skin allergies exclude the patient from the procedure. Contraindications also include implants, fresh scars, current inflammation, blood diseases and arterial hypertension.

Persons who have a pacemaker implanted, have a vein thrombosis, have visible abrasions and wounds, or have interrupted skin continuity will not be able to benefit from aesthetic medicine procedures. This also applies to people under 18 years old.

zabiegi medycyny estetycznej, Aesthetic medicine treatments

The most popular anti-ageing aesthetic medicine treatments

The most popular aesthetic medicine treatments of the anti-ageing series include primarily botox, which is used to reduce wrinkles around the eyes, so-called crow’s feet, wrinkles that occur on the forehead, around the mouth and between the eyebrows. An additional advantage is the possibility to treat bruxism, i.e. gnashing of teeth. Another treatment recommended for the mouth area is aesthetic medicine treatments using hyaluronic acid. It compensates for their asymmetry, complements cavities, and lifts the corners of the mouth up. It is recommended to use acid in order to properly moisturize them. Aesthetic medicine treatments using volumetry are often used to eliminate nasolabial furrows. Reduction of bags and shadows under the eyes, or modelling the chin. Treatments of this type are intended for slim people. The aim is to properly model the contours of the face, around the temples, mouth and cheek bones.

In addition, there is a possibility of using hybrid complexes and treatments such as Profhilo and Nucleophil, which counteract skin aging and cause re-creation of collagen. Anti-ageing treatments are also lifting treatments using hyaluronic acid threads. f.ex. Aptos, which rejuvenate and refresh the appearance of the skin. Tighten the skin and move abandoned skin tissues to their proper place.

It is also a good idea to use platelet rich plasma, preferably with fibrin or in combination with Ipixel treatment.

Thanks to such a combination you can achieve fast, visible and satisfactory skin rejuvenation effects. With this type of treatment the recovery time is much shorter and the effects are visible after the first time. The effects of treatments also depend on the condition of the skin. What else? The area on which the treatments are to be applied and the number of series. Aesthetic medicine treatments that are worth attention include: oxybrasion, physiolab, HIFU, cavitation peeling or oxygen infusion. These treatments also give satisfactory results, but for some may be much more painful. The time of convalescence is much longer, and there is also a much longer time to be spent on the effects.

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