Laser hair removal actually means permanent hair removal. The laser is a visible beam of light from the electromagnetic radiation range. It acts specifically on the melanin inside the hair, therefore, it poses no threat to the skin. During the laser shot, the hair together with the hair follicle is completely destroyed. By simultaneously destroying the matrix structure (the part responsible for growth), the hair is removed forever.

There are various types of lasers available on the market. And they differ primarily in parameters such as: duration of the pulse, radiation length, or head surface. The basic criterion for classification of lasers is their wavelength. This means that the longer the wavelength of laser light, the deeper the device penetrates the skin tissue. For example, one of the most modern lasers, Alma Soprano ICE  is suitable for any hair type and skin phototype. This is possible thanks to the interchangeable heads, alexandrite and diode, which differ in wavelength.

Laser vs IPL what is the difference in its action on unwanted hair.

Many people who start to be interested in laser hair removal and consider using such a method of hair removal encounter a certain inaccuracy. There are beauty parlours that claim to perform laser unnecessary hair, but in reality it turns out that the treatment they offer has little in common with laser. We are talking here about IPL. IPL is an intense, pulsating light, which, in contrast to the coherent beam of monochromatic laser light, does not remove hair forever, but only “puts it to sleep”. Unnecessary hair  and excessive hair will not be removed.zbędne owłosienie,unnecessary hair

As a result, the hair is removed for a while, but it grows back later. In contrast, laser removes hair permanently. Unfortunately, there are many cases of people who, convinced that they have had proper laser hair removal, are dissatisfied with the results. Because after some time the hair has grown back. In the course of conversation with the disappointed customer, it often turns out that the treatment was performed with IPL light, which is not a laser. It is worth to be aware of this and carefully read the treatment method offered by a given beauty salon.

How many laser hair removal treatments should be performed?

The hair growth process is divided into different phases. For this reason, one visit is not enough. Why? Well, at the time of the treatment, a large part of the hair in the skin is in a resting or transitional phase. Because of this, unfortunately, they are not susceptible to the laser. The removed hair is only in the growth phase, which lasts about 6 to 12 weeks. Therefore, in order to get rid of all the hair and for a complete satisfactory effect. It is necessary to perform a series of treatments at intervals of several weeks. This interval, varies due to the area of the body part being epilated. For example, hair on the face or underarms grows much faster than on the rest of the body, such as legs.zbędne owłosienie,unnecessary hair

For this reason, the interval between treatments is in this case about 4 to 6 weeks. Legs, on the other hand, are usually epilated at an interval of 6 – 8 weeks. This is why it is so important to keep to the appointments for epilation, which cannot be missed. Otherwise, it is possible that you will have to perform an additional number of treatments, which will eliminate the unnecessary hair.

Contraindications to laser hair removal

As contraindications to laser hair removal should be mentioned:

tanned skin;
hypersensitivity to light,
viral, bacterial, fungal infections occurring in the area of laser action,
taking photosensitizing drugs,
neoplastic diseases,
chronic skin diseases such as vitiligo or psoriasis
tendency to formation of discoloration or scarring.

How does the treatment look like and how to prepare?

On the day before the treatment you should shave your body. One month before the appointment, waxing is not allowed as the hair and its bulb have to be in the right growth phase. You should also refrain from taking herbal and vitamin supplements which have a light-sensitizing effect.

Similarly, at least a week before the procedure, one should stop using creams or ointments with photosensitizing substances. Photosensitizing substances include St. John’s wort, calendula, or field horsetail. Unnecessary hair may be performed only by authorized and trained persons. The visit begins with an interview with the client.

If there are no contraindications to perform the treatment, the laser power is selected accordingly to the type of hair. The size of the head used and duration depends on the surface of the epilated skin. It should also be mentioned that laser hair removal is a safe procedure performed by qualified personnel.

unnecessary hair

Modern lasers are constructed using the best technologies to ensure the greatest possible sense of safety. It is important to choose a professional salon, which will provide the service at the highest level. In this aspect, our salon in Warsaw, definitely belongs to the recommended ones.

We offer treatment performed with the aforementioned Alma Soprano ICE laser, with an alexandrite and diode head. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer, if in doubt, we will help you.

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