A slim body and firm skin are the dreams of almost every woman. Their achievement requires many sacrifices and is more difficult with the passing time. Is non-invasive fat reduction comparable to liposuction possible? And what to do to maintain the effects of the treatment for longer? Check what is an alternative to liposuction.

Acoustic wave and radio waves – effective and painless

Slimming treatments in Warsaw offered by the best cosmetology practices are certainly Storz Medical and Accent. What is behind them? These are the names of treatments in which acoustic wave and radio waves are used. Storz Medical is an innovative Swiss technique which uses acoustic waves to reduce cellulite and fat tissue. What does it consist in? A special device emits vibrations that affect the body through a special gel, causing the breakdown of fat cells. As a result, not only does it reduce body circumference, but also firms the skin, eliminates swelling and improves metabolism. The treatment can be performed, among others, on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms or flanks. It is also non-invasive and painless.

Similar effects can be attributed to the Accent procedure, which, in turn, is effective due to the high frequency radio waves (40.68 MHz). Radio waves heat up adipose tissue, stimulate microcirculation and metabolism. Excess fat tissue is spontaneously excreted by the body. This treatment is especially recommended if you expect quick results – they can be noticed already after the first treatment. Accent also firms the skin, reduces cellulite and regenerates the epidermis. The above mentioned slimming treatments in Warsaw can really change the look of your silhouette. Provided that the beauty salon, in which they are carried out, has the most modern equipment. And only such can be found in J’adore Institute.

Alternatywa dla liposukcji - czyli jak szybko pozbyć się tkanki tłuszczowej!, An alternative to liposuction


An alternative to liposuction – Endermologie and cryolipolysis – spectacular effects

Which slimming treatments in Warsaw are the most popular? Certainly, LPG endermologie and cryolipolysis should be mentioned among them. These are specialized treatments, dedicated to people who want to slim their bodies and expect spectacular results. LPG endermologie is a combination of a slimming massage with negative pressure. During the procedure, it is necessary to wear a special suit, which is then moved by a massage head. It is computer-controlled and its parameters are set by the person performing the treatment. Using endermologie you can count on slimming your silhouette. The synthesis of collagen and elastin is also stimulated and the metabolism accelerated. This type of massage is also a great way to cleanse the body of toxins. In turn translates into improvement not only in appearance but also health.

Cryolipolysis – slimming with low temperature – may sound dangerous on the surface, but it is not. Cooling of adipose tissue is a safe and comfortable, and above all – effective procedure. During cryolipolysis, adipose tissue is cooled, which in a completely natural way is removed from the body by metabolism. Thanks to it, it is possible to reduce the amount of fat in certain parts of the body by up to 40%. Those impatient, however, will not be pleased with the fact that you have to wait for the effects for about two months. However, they are worth all the time. Beauty salon in Warsaw, which offers all these treatments, is J’adore Institute.

Alternatywa dla liposukcji - czyli jak szybko pozbyć się tkanki tłuszczowej!, An alternative to liposuction

An alternative to liposuction – combine treatments and watch your diet

Even the most specialized procedure will not produce long-lasting results if it is not accompanied by lifestyle changes. A healthy diet and the right amount of exercise are also important for the effectiveness of all slimming treatments. Under the influence of cryolipolysis or, for example, radio waves, excess fat is excreted by the body. And in order for this to take place at the right pace, it is necessary to drink plenty of water and pay attention to diet. Taking advantage of treatments, while overeating sweets or fast food, can make the effects not as visible as you expected.

After completing a series of treatments, going back to your old habits is also a bad idea – your body will quickly catch up and store fat again. So what can you do to enjoy a slim figure and firm skin for as long as possible? Take care of the quality and quantity of the food you eat, eliminate all the calorie-dense dishes and make sure you get enough exercise. It’s also a good idea to combine treatments together, so you can see results even faster. Slimming treatments in Warsaw together with a healthy lifestyle will make your silhouette look like new! Sign up for a treatment via our online form today!