If you are afraid of needle treatments for various reasons, then the botox-like method will be the perfect solution. Fortunately for us, modern medicine and cosmetology have a really huge choice and even more ways to fight skin aging. Before we reach for the more invasive methods, we can start with tailored professional needle-free treatments and complement the whole thing with home care. Thanks to the use of specialized methods of introducing rich substances. The treatment can give results as if after the use of traditional Botox. For those of you who use botox in its commonly known form. Botox-like treatments can also prove to be a great complement to the effects, maintaining its effect on the skin. You will read more about this method further on. We also encourage you to read on and find out about its wide range of benefits.

What is really hidden under the name Botox-like?

Thanks to a growing market of options to stop aging and help keep our skin looking young. There have been methods called Botox-like, also known as anti-aging. This is nothing but a very specialized care, which, contrary to appearances, is not so complicated at all. Current methods allow us to use substances in the form of serums, creams or masks. They do not require us to expose ourselves to the introduction of these ingredients to the skin by injection. So they are tailored to the needs of people who are not convinced or simply afraid of needles. These treatments are also characterized by the fact that they can show us what, more or less, effects we will get using the popular Botox. They will also allow us to maintain and prolong its effect after using it.

Botox-like ,Botox-like

Botox-like treatments, or what to choose?

One of the substances used in this type of treatment is biomimetic peptides. It is probably the most recognized in the fight against skin aging. The secret to its action lies in mimicking the natural substances that manage the metabolism of our cells. So ultimately, it stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen. This stimulating blend helps to plump up wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, and increase the skin’s ability to repair and resist damage. These types of biomimetic peptide treatments can be found in modern beauty salons or aesthetic medicine clinics. You will also find them with us under the name dermaquest biomimetic peptide peeling in a package with satisfaction guarantee.

Active substances in treatments

Another substance that will help you get very satisfactory results is argireline. Often used in various treatments in beauty parlors. It mainly helps to protect against muscle contractions, which have a huge impact on the formation of facial wrinkles. It is also targeted at people who have so-called smoker’s wrinkles and crow’s feet around the eyes. Just as previously mentioned biomimetic peptides, argireline stimulates our body to produce increased amounts of collagen and elastin. These in turn have an important impact on the appearance of our skin.

Kwasy złuszczające - czy to sposób na piękną skórę, Botox-like

Many studies and opinions of satisfied argirelin users confirm its beneficial action. The biggest advantage here is probably obtaining great results in a relatively short time. We can find it in many creams, we can also look for it in serums or masks. However, it is important to remember that the best results will give a combination of home care with professional. It is worth to be interested in argireline treatments, and in our case we offer using it together with AHA acids, which give an immediate effect of smoothing the skin.

It is also worth mentioning the inclusion in the care of such substances as matrixyl, AHA acids and the above-mentioned argireline.

Their anti-wrinkle effect is similar to that of pure retinol. Independent studies have shown an increase in type I collagen synthesis by 212%. Type IV collagen by 327% and hyaluronic acid by 267%. Which is an incredibly spectacular result. This is enough incentive to try treatments from this series. Under the watchful eye of a specialist, choosing their frequency according to our individual needs. In turn, these numbers allow us to classify Matrixyl as one of the best coping with wrinkles substance present on the market. It works on the deep layers of the skin, and as we know. Everything that happens inside our body has a large impact on our external appearance.Botox-like, czyli zabieg dający podobne efekty bez użycia igły, botox like

So, is it worth using Botox-like treatments and will they meet every skin’s needs?

Thanks to the discoveries of modern aesthetic medicine in combination with cosmetology. We have obtained the above-mentioned ways to maintain the youthful appearance of the skin, but also to keep it in a healthy, good condition. The range of possibilities here is so wide that it is easy to choose something specifically tailored to each skin type. Not every treatment is suitable for everyone. Therefore, it is best to go to a good specialist. Who will carefully, professionally and strongly individual approach to us and our expectations. And with a clear conscience will advise us to choose the right care. Experimenting on ourselves can have very negative consequences. Therefore, we encourage you to take advantage of the knowledge of people who will be on the subject. You will also find such people in our team, so feel free to contact us to arrange a consultation.