The most common skin problems that clients come in for cosmetic procedures are the already permanent side effects of diseases or changes that occur in our bodies. Acne is a skin disease with which many people struggle and regardless of the cause and background of its occurrence. The effects are efflorescence on the body, and after the fight against them traces in the form of discoloration and scarring. Pregnancy or weight loss is also a time when our body works all over itself, and a side effect of these changes can be the appearance of stretch marks. Many people wonder if it is really possible to remove stretch marks, scars or acne marks. Aesthetic medicine and cosmetic procedures meet the expectations of customers. Which will help to eliminate these problems and allow you to enjoy flawless skin scars. Scars can be removed, read about this article.

What are the causes of acne?

Acne can have many causes. One of them are hormonal problems, whose improper management in the body is revealed in the form of skin lesions. It is also the effect of infection of the sebaceous glands, which are characterized by excessive secretion of sebum. It is important to locate the source of the problem and try to act both externally and internally. Take care of diet and supplementation, which can be invaluable in this period. Moreover, it is a good idea to combat any blemishes that appear after the acne has healed. If the stage of treating acne itself is behind us, we can move on to action! Many people are probably still wondering – can you really get rid of stretch marks effectively? Is it possible to remove scars permanently?scars can be removed

In our office we offer numerous treatments, which we will also try to individually select. As part of your visit, you will have a consultation with a qualified cosmetologist who will tell you about the safest and most appropriate treatments depending on the severity of your acne

Can scars and stretch marks really be permanently removed?

Laser treatments

One group of treatments that are worth focusing on are, of course, laser therapies. Such a solution works superbly to combat scars, both deep ones. Among lasers available in our salon you will find emerge laser, Alma Harmony platform or iPixel fractional ablative laser. As mentioned above, after an earlier consultation we will make every effort to choose the right solution in terms of effects and financial aspects.

Mesotherapy treatments

scars can be removedNeedle mesotherapy is a treatment that is very popular among people who are struggling with imperfections. Mainly acne is fought with this method and it guarantees sensational results after the first treatment. The procedure involves anesthetizing the area that is to be treated and making small punctures. After that a cocktail is injected into the skin which is to provide active treatment. The type of cocktail is selected individually to the needs of the client. Mesotherapy improves skin texture, reduces primarily scars, but also perfectly deals with discoloration. This is a completely safe procedure, which performed under the supervision of a qualified cosmetologist will bring excellent results and will not be painful.

Fractional mesotherapy is a treatment that can be combined with ESTGEN treatment.

scars can be removed

Fractional mesotherapy helps to stimulate and regenerate collagen fibers and elastin. It is a mechanical stimulation which ensures that the skin regains its radiance, elasticity and vitality. Invariably for years, this solution has enjoyed considerable interest for good reason. We have clients who perform it regularly regardless of the condition of their skin. It should be remembered that over time, the skin loses its degree of tension and radiant glow

Treatment combinations

We also recommend combining treatments from different lasers. The Emerge laser mentioned above will work perfectly together with the Ipixel laser treatment. It is a modern technology which is the only fractional laser of such power. First of all, it stimulates old and damaged cells, replacing them with new ones. This does not cause any damage to the skin and does not threaten the new, fresh tissue. It changes the skin tone, but also its elasticity and texture. It reduces the size of the pores present and guarantees superficial pigmentation. Remember that removing old stretch marks or scars is not easy. You need to be aware that you will need a series of treatments.

Carbon dioxide and its magical power

Carboxytherapy, in turn, is a treatment that is excellent in the fight against stretch marks, cellulite, existing scars or fat reduction. It is also a way to deal with the first signs of skin aging. The treatment involves the introduction of carbon dioxide with small needles using an intradermal or subcutaneous method.

Conclusion! This is how to remove stretch marks and scars!

If we struggle with the problem, which is the post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, we offer treatments using acids, which as active ingredients work to reduce and ultimately eliminate the changes. Depending on the condition of the skin and its sensitivity level we choose the most suitable acid and combine it with peelings. The number of treatments depends on the condition of the patient’s skin and the pace of its regeneration. During the treatment modifications are possible, but everything depends on the changes that occur in our skin.


In our salon we use treatment procedures of mediderma company such as nomelan cafeico, TRX treatment or retinol retises CT. DYE VL treatment is also an ideal solution for fighting the changes.  We invite you to familiarize yourself with the entire range of treatments that are available in our salon.

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