The most effective ways to eliminate scars and stretch marks

Smooth and tight skin of the face and the whole body is a dream of many of us. However, few can boast of impeccable skin and impeccable silhouette. One of the most common dermatological problems are various scars and unsightly stretch marks. For many people they are a source of complexes, they take away confidence and have a negative impact on self-esteem. Fortunately, modern discoveries in the field of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine have allowed to develop effective treatments that allow for visible improvement of skin condition.

Say: “No!” to scars and stretch marks! So what are the most effective ways to eliminate scars and stretch marks?

Scars and stretch marks – how do they appear?


A scar is a visible cavity on the skin that reaches into the dermis or into further layers. The causes of scars are different. One of the most common causes, especially when it comes to scars on cheeks, temples, forehead and chin is acne. Unfortunately, even healed acne can leave an unwanted “memory” in the form of skin defects. Such scars are impossible to eliminate with ointments or creams. They also cannot be completely hidden with makeup, so they can be particularly frustrating and persistent. Scars on the face and body can also be the result of surgery or some kind of trauma. As far as stretch marks are concerned, they usually appear on the thighs, abdomen and buttocks, as well as on the chest and shoulders.

In some women they are genetically determined or result from hormonal problems. Stretch marks often appear after pregnancy and after breastfeeding. As a result of the rapid weight gain, the skin is suddenly stretched, and this easily leads to stretch marks.

For many women, stretch marks on the body cause so much mental discomfort that they encourage them to give up physical activity, use the pool or sunbathing. It is certainly worth taking advantage of the benefits of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology in order to get rid of the troublesome beauty shortcomings!

Fractional mesotherapy with EstGen

Fractional mesotherapy is one of the most effective ways to get rid of disfiguring scars from the face, neck, cleavage and hands. In our salon we combine it with a modern preparation EstGen. Thanks to this treatment we can achieve really spectacular effects. During mesotherapy, micro-punctures are formed on the treated skin area. In this way, the skin is stimulated to self-healing and reconstruction. What is more, the created tubules allow for better absorption of active substances contained in the preparation of EstGen. Precious nutrients reach the deep layers of the skin, causing its firming and strengthening.

The treatment helps to visibly thicken the skin and replenish its defects. Effects are visible already after the first treatment, but with time, they get even deeper. The skin is stimulated to produce collagen and elastin. This affects its firmness and elasticity.

Laser treatments – an effective weapon in the fight against stretch marks and scars

Fractional laser is a real hit of aesthetic medicine. Laser treatments allow to deal with many skin problems, including scars and stretch marks occurring in different areas of the body. In our office we perform, among others, laser peeling with the use of a modern iPixel laser. Laser beams penetrate the skin up to deep layers, causing controlled micro-damage on it. The skin is stimulated to rebuild the area, so it begins to replenish the injuries with healthy cells. Laser peeling allows for quick and deep skin regeneration with visible cavities. For those who want to eliminate scars and stretch marks, an Emerge laser treatment combined with carboxytherapy is also recommended.

The combination of these two methods allows to multiply the effects of the treatment. The Emerge laser reconstructs the skin and resurfaces it. Whereas carboxytherapy. There is a toilet inserting carbon dioxide under the skin, improves its elasticity and tension. The skin becomes visibly younger, stronger and smoother.


Combined method for best results

Fighting scars and stretch marks is not easy. Often the cavities on the skin are so deep and extensive that reducing them requires a series of treatments. Usually, the best choice turns out to be the use of combined methods, i.e. several different treatments that will work on many levels. A treatment that can be a perfect complement to other ways of fighting skin defects is medical peeling. During peeling you can use AHA, BHA and PHA acids. Some act on the surface of the skin, while others reach its deep layers, causing global recovery and stimulating collagen production.

In the fight against scars and stretch marks, we recommend mainly peeling PQ Age and PRX T-33. Chemical peelings in combination with other treatments allow to reduce even deep skin changes.

As you can see there are different ways to eliminate scars and stretch marks.  All the treatments described above are performed in our J’adore Institute beauty parlors in Warsaw and Cracow. Do not wait and make an appointment for consultations in our salon. Say goodbye to persistent scars and stretch marks!