Acne in a teenager is part of the puberty process. It is a process that affects the vast majority of young people. The occurrence of these skin lesions begins around age 13 for girls and around age 15 for boys. Acne can continue to occur until the age of 18-23. However, acne lesions occurring in adulthood are not an everyday occurrence. After the age of 40, hormones should already be regulated.  Do You know how to remove acne effectively after the age of 40?

Mature Acne – Causes and Symptoms

Mature age acne is an ailment that occurs predominantly in women than in men. At this age, hormones have already stabilized, so it is not worth looking for the cause. However, it is not excluded that the hormonal balance is responsible for skin changes occurring on the face. After 40 years of age these are rare cases. Among the causes, the fast pace of life and excessive stress are most often indicated. Cortisol produced in large amounts increases stress. It also increases the production of sebum, which consequently clogs the pores.

An intensive lifestyle is often combined with an unhealthy diet rich in high-fat and processed products. In addition, external factors such as polluted air, tobacco smoke or improperly chosen cosmetics affect the condition of the skin.

Acne symptoms in adulthood are the same as in teenagers. Skin changes in the form of pimples and pimples appear. Their improper removal causes the formation of scars. However, there are some differences, namely acne lesions are most common around the mouth, chin, nose. Additionally, facial skin may be dry rather than oily. Skin after 40 years of age becomes much more delicate so it requires specialized help. In this case, a therapy for acne of mature age may be helpful.

Jak skutecznie usunąć trądzik po 40 roku życia, How to remove acne effectively after the age of 40

How to effectively clear up acne after 40 – Treatments


This is a non-invasive procedure offered by a beauty salon in WarsawJ’adore Institute. To perform this treatment a fractional laser is used, which causes micro-damage in the skin. This action stimulates the healing process, resulting in the production of more collagen. The innovation of this treatment is that while eliminating the problem which is acne, it has a rejuvenating and lifting effect. However, non-invasiveness in this case means there is no need for anesthesia and no time for convalescence. Thus, this therapy for acne of mature age, helps to get rid of wrinkles. Acne lesions, discoloration and scars and improve the oval of the face.


PQ-AGE is a peel with a modern formula that is similar to a mesotherapy treatment, but does not affect the dermis, so it is an excellent treatment for mature age acne. It is an ideal treatment in the fight against acne of mature age. Acids contained in the peeling visibly smooth and tighten the skin of the face and urea peroxide lightens scars and discoloration. A significant advantage is the fact that the procedure does not require a needle.

The PQ-AGE product is massaged into the skin of the face, up to 5 times during one visit. It is ideal for sensitive skin as it does not cause irritation, redness, flaking or dryness. The beauty salon should be visited every 14 days. In a series of 5 treatments. The effect of this treatment is to eliminate wrinkles, improve skin tone, remove scars, get rid of blackheads, cleanse and brighten sensitive skin, so it is perfect for people over 40 years of age.

Jak skutecznie usunąć trądzik po 40 roku życia, How to remove acne effectively after the age of 40


Geneo is a treatment that combines 3 effects of its application. The effects of this treatment are oxygenation of the cells, exfoliation of the epidermis and improved absorption of nutrients. The innovation of this treatment manifests itself in its course, namely on the skin of the face there is a combination of Capsugen capsule and specialized gel. As a consequence, small bubbles appear on the surface of the skin and with the help of CO2 the Bohr effect takes place.

The result is an enrichment of the facial skin with oxygen, conducted in the blood, and an improvement in the nutrition of the complexion. This treatment is completely non-invasive and through natural oxygenation, acne problems disappear as pores do not become clogged. In addition, any cosmetics used to improve the condition of the facial skin are better absorbed. It is an excellent therapy for acne of mature age.

Home care – does it affect the condition of the skin?

Home methods of caring for the skin are an essential part of maintaining its good condition. The use of day and night creams, toners, scrubs or micellar lotions allows for daily care, which definitely supports cosmetic procedures. In case of mature acne, home care is very important because it can prevent the development of acne lesions, which are difficult to treat after 40 years of age. It is important that cosmetics are selected according to skin type and rich in vitamins C and E.

Mature people should use delicate products with a simple composition, and all cosmetics should be water-based. In addition, it is worth paying attention to hydration, which improves the condition of the skin. It should also be noted that for home care to be effective, it must be applied regularly and systematically. All treatments can be booked online.