Stretch marks are one of the most common problems faced not only by women. White or slightly pinkish lines, usually appearing on the stomach, thighs and breasts, can make many people uncomfortable. They are formed as a result of tearing collagen fibers, mainly by stretching of the skin. Stretch marks often accompany pregnant women, girls and boys in adolescence and arise as a result of rapid growth of muscle mass in athletes. They also accompany obese people who have experienced rapid growth of body mass. The formation of unsightly lines on the body is also fostered by hormonal storm in the body and improper diet containing highly processed products.

In response to the expectations of potential customers, aesthetic medicine comes out with a proposal of various treatments aimed at covering up, or eliminating the unsightly condition. One of the beauty salons, where we can take advantage of them is J’adore Institute. What treatments are worth choosing, taking into account the removal of stretch marks in Warsaw? Is laser stretch mark removal effective?

Czy laserowe usuwanie rozstępów jest skuteczne, laser removal of stretch marks

How to get rid of a bothersome problem?

The most important thing is prevention of white lines, because they are easier to prevent than to fight. A balanced diet tailored to the needs of the body and the right choice of exercises will prevent rapid weight gain. In addition, careful daily skin care is invaluable. The skin should be properly moisturized to make it firm and susceptible to possible stretching. This will also prevent weak collagen fibers from breaking down. However, if the unsightly problem appears on the body it is worth using oils and lotions that are designed to reduce their visibility and prevent them from spreading. However, if they uncontrollably occupy a significant area of our body, thus creating a cosmetic defect, it is worth paying a visit to a beauty salon in Warsaw.

Laser stretch mark removal – What are the ways to remove stretch marks in Warsaw?

The most innovative method of aesthetic medicine used at J’adore Institute is removal of stretch marks with iPixel fractional laser. The therapy is an ideal solution for people who expect an instant and non-invasive way to improve skin condition. How does the stretch mark removal treatment look like? First, an initial conversation is held with a qualified cosmetologist to establish a treatment plan. The subject of contraindications to the procedure is also discussed. These include cancer, kidney failure, diabetes and pregnant women. To prepare, the patient’s skin is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Czy laserowe usuwanie rozstępów jest skuteczne, laser removal of stretch marks

The entire process involves thermal micro-injuries controlled in the form of points. The surrounding tissues are not affected. For spectacular results it is recommended to carry out a series of 3-5 treatments, every two weeks. The final number is decided by the cosmetologist conducting the treatments. In this way, all imperfections are maximally shallowed, and the problem of wrinkles, stretch marks and other defects disappear. Our skin regains its firmness, elasticity and proper tension. It is worth noting that iPixel laser therapy supports the processes of reconstruction, renewal and regeneration of the epidermis.

Is fractional laser therapy worth it?

The iPixel laser brings excellent results in the removal or significant reduction of scars of various origin. These may include surgical, post-traumatic and acne scars. Laser stretch marks removal brings the expected results, they are removed regardless of the location – abdomen, arms, calves, thighs. The treatment is safe, marked by a very low rate of complications. It is characterized by a short period of convalescence, so we can quickly return to daily activities. What is important, the whole process is painless. It does not require the use of anaesthesia. During the procedure the skin is cooled with a stream of cold air. Laser therapy is the best method of removing stretch marks in Warsaw, bringing spectacular results. Book your treatment online today!