You wake up one day and discover with horror that the amount of hair lying on your pillow would be enough for half a wig? Or maybe while combing your favorite brush you leave a large part of your shed on it?

The problem of hair loss is beginning to affect more and more people, both men and women. Different causes can be related to improper care, hormonal changes and even taking some medicines! The Internet flows in ways to deal with this shameful problem, especially for women. The trick is to get to the root of the problem, not to prevent its consequences.

Why does hair fall out?

The reasons why we lose such a beautiful part of our appearance are most often found in a stressful lifestyle that limits our ability to take care of our hair. Inappropriate care, poor diet, stress and hormonal disorders are one of many factors that contribute to hair loss.

Improving the condition of the scalp

It is worth taking a look at the products we use to care for our head. The problem of hair loss may be related to the cosmetics we use. Shampoos containing too much SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and CB used too often can cause skin and mucous membrane irritation. They can also cause allergies and, in extreme cases, contribute to atopic dermatitis. How to improve the condition of our skin on the head? You can additionally enrich your own diet with products rich in beta-carotene. Carrots or parsley are real vitamin bombs. You can also not forget about nuts and the vitamin E contained in them. It accelerates hair growth by stimulating cell division of the hair matrix.

Problem wypadania w艂os贸w, hair loss problem

Strengthening of the hair follicle

Since we have already mentioned them – hair bulbs. Caring for the hair itself is like watering the tree trunk instead of the roots. From the outside it may look beautiful, but without proper nutrition it will eventually break on its own. The pharmaceutical market has a wide range of products containing common substances with proven effectiveness. Strengthening and rebuilding hair: vitamin C, biotin, vitamin A, zinc and selenium. Each of them directly affects the fibers and bulbs. It improves the condition of already living hair and stimulates the growth of others. It is always worth to address this issue to our grandmothers, who know very well which herbs are able to help. You will surely hear about infusions from field horsetail or spotted thistle, and nettle tea itself is the most popular remedy.

If not at home, to the doctor

The present day has brought to light a field of science known as trichology. It is dedicated to human hair and scalp. The trichologist himself is an expert in all types of hair loss and scalp diseases. Before the examination the doctor should ask you about your health condition. F. ex. the drugs you take, your lifestyle, how you feel emotionally and mentally and if you have no problem with hormone management. The trichological examination itself is based on the use of a microcamera with a magnification of 50x and 200x, a trichological analyzer and a device that receives polarized light. The study will evaluate all possible aspects of hair loss, scalp condition, hair thinning and many, many more. Science penetrates every aspect of our lives and putting itself into the hands of such a specialist will give us the most accurate information about the problems digesting our heads.

Problem wypadania w艂os贸w, hair loss problem

The problem of hair loss – What’s inside of us

The final test that can help us will be the blood morphology performed in the diagnosis of alopecia. Elevated leukocyte levels and abnormal distribution of leukocyte types can lead the doctor to marrow problems. It can cause lymphomas and leukaemia, which cause alopecia in some cases. The same can happen to infectious diseases with high fever. It is best to find an outbreak of infection and take samples from it. The results of leukocytes and thrombocytes are not a reliable determinant. Hair loss is also one of the symptoms of microcytic anaemia resulting from iron deficiency. It is diagnosed by reduced hematocrit, hemoglobin and erythrocyte count. The second type of anaemia, megaloblastic, can have a significant effect on hair brittleness due to vitamin B12 deficiencies. In both cases it is worth to protect against such unpleasantness by paying more attention to our diet.


It is an intelligent medical system for carbon dioxide therapy. It consists of precise introduction of carbon dioxide under the skin, which as pure. Medical gas does not cause any dangerous complications. The gas spreads evenly under the skin, dilates blood vessels which leads to better oxygenation and nutrition of tissues. This biologically rejuvenates the skin and makes it stronger. The mechanism is based on causing a light and short-term inflammation, which at a selected location intensifies the genesis of collagen and elastin. Such an innovative treatment is offered by the J’adore Institute beauty salon based in Warsaw and Krakow.

The problem of hair loss is a burdensome and embarrassing one. Fortunately, technological innovations and growing awareness of the society make it easier to deal with such cases in an effective and safe way. Take care of your hair and it will certainly pay back with health and shine.

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