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Fractionation 3D – deep facelift

Fractionation 3D – deep facelift
Can lifting be done without a scalpel, without the pain and recovery? Is there a possibility of severe skin rejuvenation without simultaneously damaging the epidermis? Is it possible that the treatment done at lunchtime is almost as effective as strong surgery? Fractionation 3D with FOTONA laser is a revolutionary treatment that causes a radical rejuvenation of the dermis. The treatment is an innovative and highly effective method of reducing wrinkles, improving skin tone and firmness. The laser causes thermal micro-injuries deep in the skin. The resulting irritation strongly stimulates collagen and collagen fibers. Compared to the classical treatments of micro-ablative non-ablative fractionation these are formed much deeper, so that the effect of treatments will be stronger. Fractionation 3d is the first non-ablative laser method used to strong stretching of the skin, and skin rejuvenation - to skin lifting.  Compared to other laser rejuvenating treatments, fractionation 3d is a delicate procedure, non-ablative, effectively reducing the signs of aging.    

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  • Treatment Fractionation 3D – deep facelift
    What is the uniqueness of fractionation 3D treatment
    For whom?
    How many treatments?
    Effects of treatment
    FRACTIONATION 3D - deep skin lifting


    In the process of skin aging, collagen fibers change their structure which in turn leads to loss of elasticity, laxity, changes in facial contours or appearance of wrinkles. This is the effect of reducing the amount of collagen fibers and changes in their structure. FOTONA is the most modern Nd: Yag laser with a wavelength of 1064nm. The device is one of the best and deepest penetrating lasers on the world market, so that the laser can destroy the blood vessels of large diameter deep hidden under the skin and at the same time strongly stimulate it. By homogeneous penetration, Fotona has a very broad spectrum of applications and minimizes the risk of tissue damage. Laser Fotona is the fastest and safest laser on the market.


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    What is the uniqueness of fractionation 3D treatment What is the uniqueness of fractionation 3D treatment

    A new revolutionary method of FOTONA Frac3® (fractionation 3D) creates a micro injuries of thermal nature deep in the skin. The resulting irritation consequently stimulates collagen and collagen fibers. In comparison to the classical methods of ablative and non-ablative fractionation these micro-injuries are formed much deeper, so the effect achieved will be stronger. This is the first non-ablative laser method for strong stretching of the skin. The treatment strongly stimulates, rejuvenates and refreshes the skin.

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    For whom? For whom?

    3d fractionation procedure is intended for mature persons who wish to increase tension, rejuvenation and skin firming. The treatment is recommended for all those who wish to improve the structure of the skin and lighten wrinkles while improving skin density.

    With 3 d fractionation treatment skin becomes smoother and softer.



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    How many treatments? How many treatments?

    Already after the first treatment there will be visible improvement of the skin, however, optimal results will be provided by a series of treatments. On average, we predict 3-6 treatments at intervals of 2 – 4 weeks.

    Regularity of visits affects the effectiveness of the treatment since subsequent treatments cause collagen to maintain in a positive growth phase in order to maintain and enhance the results.


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    Effects of treatment Effects of treatment

    The procedure allows for a radical rejuvenation of the skin. Fractionation 3D is a new and extremely effective way to reduce wrinkles while firming and improving skin tone.

    Laser Fotona BTL penetrating deep into the dermis causes:

    • Reduces wrinkles
    • Improves skin tone
    • Firms skin

    The result is more smooth, taut and radiant skin with a healthy glow.

    Wrinkles will trivialize for 12 months after the initial treatment, because the laser stimulates the natural process of skin renewal.


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    Contraindications: Contraindications:

    • Pregnancy
    • Pacemaker
    • Diabetes
    • Coagulation disorders
    • Epilepsy
    • Suntan, active sunbathing, use tanning creams (up to 2 weeks prior to surgery)
    • The tendency to discoloration
    • Active changes of skin of viral or bacterial nature eg. Herpes
    • The use of certain photo-sensitizing drugs, retinoids, herbal decoctions or strong therapies (need additional consultation)


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    FRACTIONATION 3D - deep skin lifting FRACTIONATION 3D - deep skin lifting

    This is a unique treatment that allows a radical rejuvenation of the skin. New and extremely effective way to reduce wrinkles while firming and improving skin tone.

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    FRAKCJONOWANIE 3D – głęboki lifting skóry
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    plecy 600 – 800 zł
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