When choosing a hairdresser, we rarely get carried away by the moment. We usually wonder much earlier what treatment we would like to perform and how to change our “hairstyle image”. Very good! The hairstyle must be above all the one in which we feel good. Even for a great change it is worth preparing early enough, even if only mentally.聽Hairdressers often pay attention to the fact that you should bet on such a hairstyle that will not cause us problems. The one that will always look neat. Are you curious what exactly fashionable hairstyle mean? You will soon see. The stylists of the J’adore salon have selected 5 top hairstyles that are always a good choice.

Keratin hair straightening

Keratin hair straightening is a treatment that brings lasting effect in the form of straightening, smoothing and polishing hair. After washing, the hair looks perfectly nourished and strongly moisturized and perfectly straightened. In fact, they only require drying with a dryer. They will still look like they have just come out of the professional hand of a hairdresser.

Keratin straightening is a procedure that gives a long effect, lasting from several weeks to even several months. The perfect shine can be maintained for longer by applying proper care after the procedure, i.e. without using cosmetics that contain salt that rinses out keratin. It is worth adding that immediately after the procedure, the hairstyle is perfectly straightened, soft, light and shiny. You don’t need to do anything more with her.

What does step-by-step keratin hair straightening look like?

The hairdresser pumps liquid keratin inside the hair, exactly strand by strand. It does this using a straightener, which automatically straightens the hair, and the high temperature allows you to get the desired effect. The procedure can last even about 3 hours, because it should be performed very carefully. Suitable for all hair types, short, long, curly or slightly wavy.

Hair coloring ombre and sombre

Are you wondering what the coloring of ombre and sombre is all about? These are two very fashionable hair coloring methods that rely on natural lightening of certain parts of the hair. Thanks to which the whole face looks younger, the complexion regains its shine and beautiful color. Both techniques have more and more supporters, mainly because each woman looks very favorably in this edition. Sombre and ombre can be done on both natural and dyed hair. It looks just as good on a straight hairstyle as it is on light waves. Ombre hairstyles look very natural, they look beautiful when both dissolved and pinned.

The sombre and ombre haircut on short hair looks just as good as the ombre on long hair. However, you should choose the right hairdresser who will perfectly cope with this fashionable coloring. There are also no obstacles to make an ombre on blond, black or brown hair. A wide range of paints available on the market will allow you to match the colors to any type of beauty and hair color.


Sunny reflecs on hair – the most fashionable

Reflecs on dark hair is a treatment that refreshes the look of a hairstyle and visibly rejuvenates the hair. In addition, they gain in optical volume and begin to look healthy and manicured. Reflections can be used by anyone. Choosing the technique and place of application to suit the individual requirements of the person. As with ombre coloring, reflections can be made on short and long hair. Most often, bright, golden reflecs are made on brown hair. Bright reflections on a dark blond look just as well. For the brave, red reflections on brown hair remain. It all depends, of course, on the type of beauty.Tthe hairdresser matches the color scheme and individual preferences.

Strong L’OREAL hair regeneration

Some women do not want to interfere too much in the structure of the hair. It does not mean that they do not care about the good look of the hairstyle. For them, the best solution is the L’OREAL strong regeneration treatment, which works better than even a year of applying the best nutritional mask every day. After the procedure, the hairstyle begins to look healthy and natural. It often regains its beautiful color and is so pleasant to the touch that you cannot take your hands off it.

Each of the above hairdressing treatments brings lasting and visible effects, and at the same time strongly cares for every hair. It also allows you to regenerate even the most damaged hairstyle that has already survived hundreds of straightening, dyeing and brightening. So there is nothing else than try one of the examples mentioned above. It will give You a beautiful hairstyle for the whole summer. Really worth!