Dr. Cyj – the way to beautiful and lush hair

Most of us dream about having a luxuriant head of hair. After all, hair is not only supposed to protect the head, but is often a symbol of attractiveness, and the chosen hairstyle and its color also allows us to express ourselves. Unfortunately, not all of us are lucky enough to have hair of our own. What about people who suffer from thin, sparse hair or premature balding? Should they give up on dreaming of different hairstyles? Not at all!

Problems of baldness and its types

The problem of baldness can affect any of us. During this process we lose a significant amount of hair, in a short period of time. There are several types of baldness i.e. androgenic alopecia, aftershave or post-therapeutic alopecia. The first of them is caused by genes, it mainly affects men, to a much lesser extent it affects women. Second occurs as a result of various diseases, for example autoimmune disorders when we deal with alopecia areata. Third one is a complication arising, for example, after chemotherapy for a person suffering from cancer.

Dr Cyj

Dr. Cyj’s Peptide Therapy is a huge revolution in hair loss problems and gives hope to all those who for some reason can’t enjoy healthy, thick hair. This is the first Hair Filler in the world with such an effect, and the work on its production took 10 years. What does this unique product contain and how is the treatment performed?

Dr Cyj – what does the treatment consist in?

The ingredients are, of course, the previously mentioned peptides, but also beneficial hyaluronic acid. The procedure is not painful and does not require anaesthesia. You should prepare for it by not drinking alcohol a day before the visit in the salon. It is based on injecting the preparation into the superficial layers of the dermis. It lasts a short time, about 30 minutes. Its aim is to stimulate hair follicles and stem cells, stop hair loss, restore pigmentation and form new hair. The peptides are released slowly over the next two weeks after the treatment and work intensively throughout this time.

Dr Cyj

The treatment is designed for everyone having problems with excessive hair loss, wanting to thicken and thicken it and accelerate its regrowth. At the same time it cares for the scalp and stimulates blood circulation. It is a completely safe method which guarantees no serious side effects. For twenty-four hours after the treatment the skin in some places is slightly thickened and itchy, but these discomforts quickly pass.

Contraindications and effects of the treatment

It should not be performed in case of pregnancy and active cancer. Open wounds or inflammation of the scalp are also contraindications.

The effects of the treatment come immediately and are surprisingly good. After 15 days you can already see a significant improvement, but the preparation starts working immediately after getting under the skin. However, it is necessary to undergo the entire treatment, i.e. 4 full visits, for the result to be maintained. It is necessary to repeat the whole therapy after a year.

Dr Cyj

You should definitely try this innovative method that is Dr. Cyj in the fight for beautiful hair. In this case, the effectiveness is guaranteed. For consultation and appointment scheduling, you can contact J’adore Institute located in Krakow and Warsaw. The specialists employed in the salon will professionally perform the treatment and answer any additional questions. To growth, ready… START!