Professional care for the face and neckline is part of everyday beauty rituals. According to the current canon of beauty, our complexion is to be free from any imperfections. The skin is perfectly smooth, without wrinkles, discoloration, scars or pimples. We do not always manage to achieve it at home. That is why we use the services of specialists who, while choosing the right treatments, will ensure the proper condition and appearance of our face. Did You hear about one of the basic treatments that refreshes and deeply cleanses the skin? Making it regain a youthful appearance is the cavitation peeling. You can read everything about this cosmetic procedure below.

What is cavitation peeling and why is it worth using?

Cavitation peeling is a non-invasive way to clean the skin of deposits and dead skin. This is a treatment that can be successfully used throughout the year. It is most often used as a refreshment of facial skin or before more invasive procedures to enhance the effect. Cavitation, uses ultrasound. They allow you to reach the skin cells gently, deeper. The treatment is more comfortable than manual cleansing or chemical peeling.

The effects of cavitation peeling can be seen after the first treatment. For optimal results it is recommended to perform the whole series. It is a completely safe and gentle treatment for our skin. It can be carried out even every few days. After 5-9 treatments, you can not only exfoliate dead skin, but also make the skin more tense. Small wrinkles, discoloration and scars are smoothed out slightly. The pores will be unclogged and the skin fully oxygenated, thanks to which its inflammation and acne lesions do not occur.

The cosmetologist who will perform the treatments will talk about what it looks like and how much it costs. It is she who will recommend us combining cavitation with other care treatments, thanks to which it will be possible to strengthen the desired effects.

Remember that all treatments must be selected individually, and the type of skin, imperfections and desire to combat them are taken into account, as well as the personal expectations of the beauty salon clients. It is certain that the cavitation peeling can be used as an independent skin care and cleansing treatment or as a supportive and preceding treatment, thanks to which the action of nutritional preparations is more intense.

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How to strengthen the effect of cavitation peeling?

Cavitation peeling can be a great introduction to other treatments, including vitamin ones. Due to the deep cleansing of the facial skin, nutritional preparations can penetrate into the deeper structures of skin cells, thus working faster and better. It is recommended that cavitation peeling always be carried out before the treatment with vitamin C or youth vitamin, i.e. E. Cavitation peeling can be combined with e.g. manual cleansing or manual cleansing of a selected batch.

Cavitation will also work great as an introduction to treatments with hyaluronic acid, which has anti-wrinkle and firming effects.

Skin scrubber and acids – how to combine treatments?

It turns out that the excellent effects of cavitation can be obtained by combining this treatment also with medical peels. Throughout the year, almond peeling can be used on both the face and décolleté. This is great for cleansing the skin, normalizes the sebaceous glands, and reduces greasy skin, but optimally moisturizes it. The price of cavitation peeling depends on the type of treatment.

Cavitation alone is an expense of several dozen zlotys, while a scrub combined with additional preparations will cost slightly more. However, it is definitely an expense worth of spectacular effects. The skin is rejuvenated, perfectly smooth, nourished, without unnecessary imperfections.