In every woman’s life there are events during which she wants to look as beautiful as possible. Whether it’s a friend’s wedding, a long-awaited date or a sumptuous party. In such moments, you undoubtedly care about the perfect appearance. Even before the big day comes, you plan your hairstyle, styling and manicure. You are surely also wondering what evening makeup to do to emphasize your beauty and delight your surroundings. However, for your skin to look beautiful, it needs more than just makeup. You must prepare it properly! How to do it? Learn about a few proven and effective ways to apply Glow skin.

Step one – exfoliation

Regular exfoliation of the epidermis is essential for the complexion to always look radiant and fresh. When an important event awaits you, you cannot miss this step! A gentle but thorough exfoliation will allow you to get rid of dead cells and from underneath the layer of gray, earthy epidermis you will see clean and soft skin! Even the most spectacular makeup will not look attractive on poorly prepared skin. Outstanding skins, dry patches on the face or scabs after imperfections will be visible under makeup, and a strongly covering foundation can make them even more visible. Moreover, color cosmetics applied to an unprepared face will show much less durability. They will not lie well on the skin, and after just a few hours the makeup may start to rub off and look fresher.

So if you want to avoid this, provide your complexion with a thorough peeling. If your skin is delicate, prone to irritation and redness, choose enzymatic peeling. Its action is based on the exfoliating power of acids and plant enzymes. Usually it is enough to apply it for 10-15 minutes and after washing your skin is visibly smoother and radiant. If you have no major skin problems, you can opt for a coarse mechanical peeling. Such a product will immediately give you a strong exfoliating effect.

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Skin GLOW – Step two – hydration

After the peeling comes the time for deep skin hydration. Moisturized skin becomes more taut and pleasant to the touch, and makeup products lie better on it. To ensure that your skin is properly moisturized, you can use several ways. Remember to hydrate your body well from the inside out – this will also be visible on the outside! A professional face cream can help you moisturize your skin. However, make sure that its consistency is not too heavy.

Otherwise, it could make your makeup not last long. A lightweight yet nutrient-rich cream with a gel-like consistency is a good choice. And don’t forget the extraordinary effect of face masks. Whether you opt for a mask in a sheet or a classic version with a creamy texture, you can expect immediate results. Before you go big, opt for a typically moisturizing and nourishing mask. Ingredients that are worth looking for in moisturizing masks are, for example, aloe vera extract, hyaluronic acid, snail mucus, sea algae, vitamin E, green tea.

Skin GLOW – Third step – Illumination

The last care step before performing dazzling evening make-up should be to illuminate the skin. The already famous effect of healthy glow is nothing more than a radiant, fresh complexion like from the cover of a magazine. You can achieve the illumination of your complexion not only by means of make-up, but also by proper care. Radiant skin is the opposite of dull, gray and tired skin. So, before you go to the much-awaited party, provide your skin with appropriate nutrients. Vitamin C is a recognized gold agent in the fight against dull skin! It allows to even out and unify the color of the face and give it a healthy glow.

Moreover, it smoothes and gently exfoliates the skin, perfectly preparing it for party make-up. In achieving the effect of skin glow can also help to properly oxygenate the skin and nourish it with natural oils. Especially recommended is for example wild rose, argan or jojoba oil.

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A banquet treatment – give your skin the best!

Does the number of skincare steps you have to take care of before your big exit scares you a little? Do you prefer to entrust the look of your face to experienced specialists? In our beauty salon in Warsaw we offer various banquet treatments that will prepare your skin for an important event. They include all the necessary elements in skin care. We recommend, among other things, the Geneo Illuminate treatment, which works on three levels – exfoliating, oxygenating and nourishing the skin. If you want spectacular light, choose one of the available treatments using the natural power of vitamin C – Mediderma Ferulac or Skeyndor.

To visually rejuvenate your skin and make it instantly firm and smooth, use PQ AGE treatment. The choice is really huge. Proper preparation of your skin will allow you to bring out your natural beauty. Your evening makeup will look even more impressive and you will dazzle everyone present!

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