There is a belief that hands betray a woman’s age. Smooth, firm skin of the hands with a uniform coloring indicates youthfulness, while wrinkles and discolorations recall mature age. This is not a completely fair assessment as palms are particularly exposed to external factors such as temperature spikes. Also: wind and sun, contact with detergents during household chores or work duties. Nowadays, also frequent washing and disinfection of hands in connection with the COVID pandemic dries the skin of the hands, which causes faster ageing.聽If it comes to cracking of the epidermis, ordinary care will not be enough. You will need to reach for this professional, available only in the beauty salon, to restore a well-groomed look. What kind of hand treatments to do with what skin problems?

Hand treatments – Discoloration

They appear with age or are the result of hormonal changes or long exposure of the hand skin to sunlight. In such cases, the following treatments will work: laser or needle mesotherapy treatment.

Recommended treatment with a laser is DYE-VL, in which the hands are subjected to pulsed light technology using a special head. How does it affect discoloration? It thermally damages the cells in which the dye has accumulated. This leads to the reduction of unsightly pigmentation changes. This treatment not only eliminates discoloration, but also results in visible rejuvenation of the skin and improvement of tension.

If you cannot have your hands treated with a laser, a great alternative is the mediderma needle mesotherapy. The method of micropuncture of the epidermis using a cartridge equipped with thin needles is used here. In this way, the active substances introduced have a chance to penetrate deep into the epidermis, brightening and nourishing it.

Zabiegi na d艂onie, Hand treatments

Hand treatments – Dryness

Needle mesotherapy also works here. Depending on the hand skin problem, an ampoule with specific properties, also strongly moisturizing and nourishing, is selected. This method of controlled skin damage promotes the formation of new collagen fibres and makes the skin significantly more flexible. In the case of hands, Hyalual Swiss brand ampoules are worthy of attention. It contain not only the commonly used hyaluronic acid, but also succinic acid. The first ingredient deeply moisturizes, while the second has an antioxidant effect. The mixture of these substances guarantees strong regeneration, improves skin elasticity and hydration. Although a series of treatments is recommended, after the first one a strong increase in hydration and nourishment is felt.

Zabiegi na d艂onie, Hand treatments

Aging, lack of firmness

This is to rejuvenate the flabby skin of the hand, but also to prevent the loss of this firmness. Needle mesotherapy will also work in this case. This treatment has a complex and profound effect on making the skin more flexible and rejuvenating. It is a comprehensive response to many problems of hand skin.

However, if you would like to try out the action of a modern laser, it should be a treatment using the ClearLift head. It is such a laser lifting without a scalpel. It is characterized by a short impulse with high energy. Very effective and at the same time safe, it can be used by people with even very sensitive skin.

Available care treatments, although dedicated to particular problems, work quite comprehensively.

Whether you decide on needle mesotherapy or laser, your hands will be smoothed, nourished and moisturized. However, it is worth to seek advice from a qualified cosmetician. Specialist will select the method appropriate to the problem and preferences. Systematics is also important here. If it is recommended to perform several treatments, it is worth not to stop at one, because only in this way the effect will be satisfactory and more durable.

Hand regeneration – what is important

And what is important, once we have invested in these extremely effective treatments, let’s protect our hands. From the weather to enjoy the effect for longer – in winter put on warm gloves and try to use rubber gloves during housework. This will largely prevent the skin from drying out.

Therefore, if your hand skin needs deep revitalization and rejuvenation, it is necessary to take advantage of the benefits of professional cosmetology. In our beauty salon in Krakow we have treatments for every problem related to hand skin. They not only firm the skin, unify its color, nourish it, but also prevent the aging process. Prevention is as important as eliminating already existing skin problems. Thanks to this, you will be proud to give your hand as a welcome and you will enjoy the view of your cared for hands.
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