Do you want to enjoy perfect skin without unnecessary imperfections? Remember that home care is essential every day. You will achieve even better results when you support this process with safe and completely non-invasive cosmetic procedures. You must know that in many cases the help of professionals is advisable. You can take care of your complexion yourself and enjoy a great look.

Home care – cleaning

In-depth skin cleansing is necessary regardless of skin type. Thorough cleansing of the face from colored cosmetics and environmental pollution accumulated after a day is necessary to enjoy a young, well-groomed complexion for as long as possible. Of course, the biggest challenges of thorough makeup removal appear in the case of oily skin, because it causes excessive production of sebum, which causes the pores to be clogged and the skin has no chance to breathe.

People who face imperfections of oily, combination or acne-prone skin should use home methods for effective facial skin cleansing, according to the three-step method:

– micellar liquid / washing gel,

– tonic,

– using a cream selected for the type of skin.

The effectiveness of home treatments that we do every morning and evening can be increased if we visit the beauty salon regularly. Facial refreshing treatments will intensify the action of nutritional preparations we apply, which we use for daily facial skin care.


In the case of skin with a tendency to drying, the priority is not only the selection of appropriate cleaning agents that are used in daily facial skin care. We must remember that dry skin ages faster, and looks tired, often gray and not optimally nourished. To restore its shine, it is worth visiting the beauty salon from time to time. It is here that the treatments dedicated to dry skin, which requires hydration, are performed. The best choice will be mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid and sonophoresis with ultrasound. It is also worth remembering to regularly cleanse the skin – in a professional studio not only manual cleansing or also chemical cleansing with individually selected composition. Although dry skin usually does not show a tendency to unsightly skin eruptions, its professional cleaning will allow deeper penetration of all moisturizing preparations that we use in the home SPA.

czysta skóra, zabiegi


Even the best anti-wrinkle cream will not work as effectively as the treatments offered by a beauty salon. Of course, we recommend using creams with a moisturizing composition – especially at night, because then the skin undergoes the most intense regeneration. Let’s choose creams adapted to the skin type and age. The composition with rejuvenating properties should include hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, vitamin A and beneficial plant extracts, including geranium oil and aloe vera. Let’s give up preparations containing artificial ingredients, parabens, silicones, aromas and dyes.

The condition of our skin will improve and rejuvenate if we strengthen the effect of anti-wrinkle creams with professional treatments. To get rid of the first wrinkles, it is worth focusing on mesotherapy with platelet rich plasma, mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid and laser treatments, which are ideal for flaccid skin, with signs of the first wrinkles.

Specialist tips about home care

First of all, it is necessary to recognize the type of skin and the problem that affects its unfavorable appearance. For this purpose, it is worth visiting a beauty salon where experienced professionals work. They will choose cosmetics that will have a beneficial effect on our skin during regular, daily use. Let’s focus on quality. Unfortunately, many preparations are available on the store shelves, which instead of improving, rather destroy the condition of the face skin. In line with the environmental trend, let’s focus on preparations with the most natural composition possible.

Let’s not be afraid of innovative solutions. Good beauty parlors and aesthetic medicine clinics today offer a number of fully safe treatments that become the perfect complement to self-care for the appearance of facial skin.