Cellulite commonly called orange peel is nothing but a degenerative change in subcutaneous tissue. It has many terms such as female lipodystrophy, oedematous paniculopathy, liposclerosis and nodular degenerative fatty degeneration.

It is caused by uneven distribution of subcutaneous fatty tissue.

Cellulite occurs more frequently in women than in men due to differences in the structure of dermis and subcutaneous tissue.
In women, adipocytes – adipocytes are separated by the scions which perpendicularly to the skin surface, which penetrate into the dermis. As the adipocytes grow, they penetrate deep into the superficial layer of the dermis.

It is manifested by the formation of irregularities visible on the skin surface. In men, on the other hand, fat cells are delimited by diagonally arranged partitions. Which causes that such changes do not occur. The skin in people with cellulite is corrugated, uneven, contains nodules, lumps and thickening.

It most often includes places of increased accumulation of fat tissue, i.e. thighs, buttocks, hips, abdomen and sometimes even shoulders.


The factors predisposing to cellulite are:

  • genetic factors – occurrence of cellulite in other family members, race and biological type;
  • gender – occurs much more often in women than in men;
  • lifestyle – low physical activity, being in the same position for a long time, wearing too tight clothes or high heels;
  • improper diet – consumption of too much carbohydrates and fats, smoking and alcohol;
  • hormonal factors – hormonal disorders associated with an increased amount of estrogen and the accompanying low level of progesterone, use of hormone replacement therapy or hormonal contraception;
  • circulatory disorders;
  • disorders of the nervous system – the main role is played here by stress and emotional disorders of gender – occurs much more often in women than in men.

fight against cellulite

There’s a lot of talk about how to fight cellulite. The most important aspect to look at is the lifestyle we live. We should look at whether there is not too little physical activity in our lives. Whether we take at least 10 thousand steps a day. Whether we eat regularly and healthily, how much is our daily hydration and so on. After detailed analysis and implementation of the most important changes.聽 You can move on to cosmetic and home methods of fighting cellulite.

Homemade ways to fight cellulite

The oldest and so far one of the most effective methods of fighting cellulite is the Chinese bubble. Used for nearly 3000 years, it is used for massage, which firms and models the figure. Its very simple operation makes it easy for us to perform such a massage at home. You can apply an automatic massage or ask your nearest person for help in performing the procedure. Prepare the skin to come into contact with the rubber bubble by applying and massaging. The oil preparation due to the fact that the bubble must move smoothly on the skin.

The movements performed during the treatment must have a dosercard direction. It is also an antigravitational effect, therefore no technique is performed downward. During the massage, the lymphatic and circulatory systems are improved, fibrosis is developed.
and lumps. In order to achieve the best results the treatment interval should be 2-3 days and the treatment time 15-30 minutes.


The number of treatments that need to be performed to deal with cellulite is 10-20.聽 But it depends on individual needs and problems. After some time of application you can see that the skin has a more even texture, is uniform, smooth, and dimples, if any, are smaller.

Undeniably, a very good solution is to make peeling from coffee, salt and sugar.

Thanks to the content of abrasive particles they exfoliate dead epidermis.聽 Improve blood and lymph circulation, smooth the skin and make it moisturized and soft to the touch. Such peelings can be purchased ready or made at home from available ingredients.

However, peelings, which can be obtained in drugstores, soap shops or online shops. Often have substances which are difficult to obtain by themselves. These are plant extracts, extracts that also provide the peeling with nutritional properties.聽 They seal capillaries and larger blood vessels, against swelling and those that can affect the processes of lipolysis and lipogenesis.

homemade ways to fight cellulite

Polyphenols, i.e. saponins and flavonoids, work well in anti-cellulite peelings. They influence microcirculation, swelling and improve the excretion of toxins and metabolic products. Examples include common ivy, yarrow, marigold, mountain arnica, ginkgo biloba, Asian squid, field horsetail, camomile, sage, liquorice, algae. Caffeine, L-carnitine, retinol, essential oils such as cinnamon and ginger oils stimulate fat metabolism, and more specifically lipolysis.


The problem is also positively influenced by oils:

Orange, grapefruit, cypress, juniper, fennel, rosemary and coriander oils. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and vitamin E (伪-tocopherol) play an important role in anti-cellulite preparations. Both vitamins have a beneficial effect on the structure and connections of collagen, and vitamin C also elastins. Vitamin E makes the connective tissue more flexible, has hydrating properties and inhibits inflammation. Together with ascorbic acid it has a beneficial effect on blood supply to the skin and its firming. An alternative to peelings can be abrasive brushes with bristles of different origin, both dry and wet.
Plant extracts as well as ingredients accelerating lipolysis are contained in serum, gels, lotions and masks. Serum, as the most concentrated preparation. That is, one that contains a wide range of active ingredients and their high concentration.聽 Is the most effective product right after the body peeling. Preparations in gel, cream form should be used
next. Masks are products that are perfect for home body wrapping treatments.



It is used both in beauty parlours and at home.

It consists in the application of a highly concentrated mask or other type of preparation rich in the ingredients mentioned. Above, and then wrapping the body with a foil (it may be an ordinary food foil). Treatment aims to create the phenomenon of occlusion, thanks to which active ingredients contained in the applied anti-cellulite products are absorbed much faster and deeper into the epidermis. The film should adhere gently to the body, it cannot be tightened on it. Factor increasing the effectiveness of the treatment is to create additional heat, which will improve the process of sweating, and thus improve the excretion of unnecessary toxins from the body through the skin, which is covering the treatment area with a blanket or towel.

The pressure of the film causes an increase in microcirculation, which results in widening of skin pores and absorption of more anti-cellulite product. A natural symptom of the treatment is a feeling of warmth, redness of the skin, tingling, a slight burning may appear during the treatment. After the body wrapping treatment the skin is smooth, soft, fragrant, tight and firm. The treatment should be performed in series up to 2 times a week, the time of the treatment is about 30-60 minutes and the amount is adjusted individually depending on the problem.

Low temperature has a beneficial effect on the body, inhibiting inflammation:

acting anti-edema, it relaxes tense muscles, eliminates itching, has a positive effect on hormonal management, and in the case of cellulite it improves venous and lymphatic drainage, metabolism, unifies skin tone and has a positive effect on its appearance. Fat cells, or adipocytes are sensitive to low temperatures.

At 0 degrees Celsius, adipocytes undergo apoptosis, which in turn engages the fodder cells (macrophages) to digest them. Even though these processes are far from being a problem for homemade cellulite control, this does not mean that we cannot indirectly influence them. Home hot-cold therapy with the use of a shower is successful. This home-made way is to change the temperature of the water, every few seconds, once every very warm, once every very cold, which we pour over the area affected by cellulite. The alternating shrinking and expansion of blood vessels and thus increasing skin microcirculation.

This home hydrotherapy method can be used daily for 5-10 minutes. In combination with other methods, the so-called “hardening” of the skin will help to eliminate the cellulite problem.聽In addition to all of the above methods, which are superficial methods to reduce cellulite, a supplementation is recommended. It is true that the substance used orally improves the appearance of the skin, regulates all acid-base disorders of the body, water-electrolyte metabolism and participates in the metabolism of fats, including lipolysis, can indirectly affect the hormones that contribute to the formation of cellulite. The elements showing this effect are calcium, magnesium, zinc, silicon and chromium.

Cellulite is a degeneration that requires a lot of commitment from people affected. It should be clearly stated that an adequate diet and regular physical activity is sometimes not enough to eliminate or eliminate this problem. Home-made ways of fighting cellulite applied systematically will speed up the process and enjoy beautiful skin. These include a Chinese bubble massage, home scrubbing, body brushing, body wrapping, showers with alternating hot and cold water and supplementation. All these methods are designed to improve blood and lymph circulation, affect fat metabolism, smooth and firm the skin. An important aspect is regularity, without which no treatment will bring satisfactory results.

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