According to the current canons of beauty, attention is paid not only to a slim figure or a perfectly smooth face without any signs of skin aging. Hair is also a sign of attractiveness. Those frizzy or with split ends are considered neglected and unsightly. Keratin turned out to be a revolution in hair style. Even the most untamed or curling hair can now be more straightforward, and strikingly shiny. Learn more about keratin treatments, check the effects of keratin hair straightening.

What is keratin hair straightening?

Keratin hair straightening, also called Brazilian straightening is a treatment whose effects are really spectacular. Even the most damaged, dull, porous and frizzy hair remains smooth and beautifully shiny.

Keratin itself is the main building block of hair. If it is missing, the hair becomes unattractive. Importantly, keratin, which occurs naturally in the hair structure, is lost due to various factors. Deficiencies are affected by excessive hair styling, inadequate diet, poor choice of care cosmetics, hair dyeing, but also excessive exposure to sunlight and other weather conditions, including wind or frost.

keratynowe prostowanie włosów, hair straightening


Today, keratin deficiencies can easily be supplemented. One treatment is enough to really impress the effects of keratin hair straightening.

Keratin hair straightening takes around 2-3 hours. Amount of time depends primarily on the length and density of the hair and the intensity of damage. It is worth remembering that this type of treatment should only be performed by people who have been specially trained for this purpose. Applying the preparation yourself may result in burned strands.

At the first stage, the specialist thoroughly cleans the hair with a special shampoo, which task is to thoroughly clean and open the cuticles of each hair. Then the hair needs to be dried. In the next stage, keratin is applied, good-quality keratin Inoar works best. Keratin should remain on the hair for a few minutes, after which the hair is dried again. The final step is to straighten each band thoroughly.

Who should decide to use the procedure?

The effects of keratin hair straightening are enjoyed most by ladies who have struggled with frizzy, dull, damaged hair so far. Keratin rebuilds the hair structure, makes it become perfectly shiny and more straightforward. They are nourished, they look optimally cared for.

Keratin hair straightening is a treatment that nourishes and regenerates hair. The treatment is dedicated to all ladies who are fed up with straightening their hair.

What effects can you count on?

Straight and shiny hair, rebuilt, healthy – these are the effects of keratin hair straightening. It is worth emphasizing that the effects of a single treatment last from 3 to 5 months. Then it can be successfully repeated. The duration of effects is an individual matter, after-care treatment at home has a great impact on service durability.

The price of keratin hair straightening depends on the type of keratin, on average in professional salons it is from 300 to even 1000 zlotys.

keratyna, hair straightening

Contraindications to perform the procedure

Keratin straightening is a completely safe procedure. However, it is not recommended for pregnant women and people who suffer from respiratory diseases.

Keratin hair straightening should be done a minimum of 2 weeks after dyeing. If you are going to lighten your hair, do so before keratin straightening.

Hair care is also important to keep the effects of keratin straightening for as long as possible. Before washing your hair for the first time (24 hours after the procedure), do not wet or tie it. Also, do not use the swimming pool, solarium or sauna. Special preparations should be used for the care of keratin treated hair. These are primarily those that do not contain alcohol, salt, silicones, parabens. Such ingredients weaken the effect of the treatment, flushing out the keratin.