Are you wondering how to get rid of excessive hair from your legs, armpits, bikini line or face? Not sure which laser hair removal device is actually effective? Don’t wait any longer! Read our interview with an expert in the field of permanent hair removal. She will explain to you all types of laser treatments.

Let’s take a closer look at laser hair removal surgery. Why do most customers choose this form of hair removal? There are many other solutions: waxing in various forms, depilation with sugar paste, etc. Why is laser hair removal the most popular?

Cosmetologist: Laser hair removal is a modern method of permanent hair removal. I mark permanent, because as a result of photothermolysis, the hair root is damaged, as a result of which it falls out after a few days. Unfortunately, other methods will not remove your hair permanently. In addition, I assure you that waxing or sugar paste are not less painful methods of getting rid of hair. However, with laser hair removal, about 6 to 8 treatments are enough to enjoy smooth skin once and for all.

When are the first effects of laser hair removal visible?

Cosmetologist: Already after the first treatment you can notice significant weakness. What else? Slow growth and, most importantly, a loss of about 30% of the existing hair. The interval between treatments should be from 5 to 8 weeks depending on the body part.

Can you predict how many times you need to repeat the treatment to achieve lasting results? If so, in what way?

Cosmetologist: The best and the fastest visible effects can be obtained when the person undergoing the procedure has light skin and dark hair. When the contrast is high, all the energy of the diode laser is directed to the hair melanin. However, nothing is lost for people struggling with excessive light hair. Modern lasers are equipped with special heads designed for lighter hair.

Based on your experience: what was the smallest number of treatments whose effect satisfied the client?

Cosmetologist: Each patient reacts differently, each person undergoing the procedure has a different skin tone, hair thickness, there are different factors determining the number of treatments. Experience has shown me that the minimum number of treatments needed to completely reduce hair is 6 treatments. This is the most optimal and the most common number of treatments.

Recently, you have the opportunity to work on the best of the best in the field of laser hair removal – Soprano ICE diode laser. What distinguishes this laser from others and puts it at the forefront of the best hair removal equipment?

Cosmetologist: Laser Soprano ICE has a very helpful cooling head, which reduces the discomfort of the person undergoing the procedure. It reduces and even eliminates the risk of skin burns. In addition, two hair removal functions HR and HSR allow the removal of dark and light hair. In addition, the speed of pulses given by the laser reaches up to 3 Hz, which, compared to other lasers, maximally shortens the duration of the procedure.

Do you have to repeat the entire epilation cycle after a series of treatments and for a long time (e.g. a few years)?

Cosmetologist: After a series of treatments, there is a recommendation to perform a booster treatment once every six months / once a year. Because not all hair is in the growth phase at the same time, the treatments are performed 5-8 weeks apart. Some hair is in the resting phase for a much longer time, but I assure you that this is a minimal, almost imperceptible amount.


Are there any contraindications for performing laser hair removal?

Cosmetologist: There is a whole list of contraindications. The most important is taking oral and topical photosensitizing preparations. Therefore, if a person who wants to undergo the procedure is taking any medications or supplements, he should check the leaflet or consult a doctor whether the preparation has photosensitizing properties. Hair removal is prohibited for pregnant women, people with cancer or skin diseases. This list is extensive, I also invite you to a free consultation or visit our website. All necessary informations are included.

Do I need to be prepared for the procedure?

Cosmetologist: The most important condition is to remove hair in a place that we subject to laser hair removal. The skin should be smooth, shaved, not lubricated with any lotion or antiperspirant. Before each treatment, the hair must not be pulled out. It is also very helpful not to burn the skin. About 3 weeks before the start of the procedure, as well as during a series of treatments.

At what time is it best to start a series of treatments?

Cosmetologist: The best time of year for the first treatment is autumn / winter, then we use the sun tanning least often. As I mentioned earlier, unbanned skin is the best. It is also inadvisable to use a solarium.

In addition to laser hair removal, do you also perform other laser therapy treatments?

Cosmetologist: Yes, I also perform laser discoloration, erythema, telangiectasia, laser stretch marks removal, photorejuvenation.

Are laser vascular and erythema treatments always effective? Are there exceptional cases where the expected effects do not appear?

Cosmetologist: Laser procedures for removing capillaries, erythema are effective. If the person undergoing the procedure does not follow the indications after the procedure, or if he leads a lifestyle that exposes himself to vascular damage – the problem will return.

Can laser lifting treatments, rejuvenating the skin – bring as amazing results as aesthetic medicine treatments? Can you explain in a few words what these treatments consist of?

Cosmetologist: The treatments you mentioned are performed using modern technologies that primarily aim to stimulate skin cells to work. This is very important, because as we age, the regenerative processes of our skin slow down. Therefore, the use of lasers is an ideal effective solution to skin aging problems. I mean problems such as uneven pigmentation, skin flaccidity, significantly dilated blood vessels and wrinkles. Unlike aesthetic medicine treatments, you have to wait for the full-size effects of laser treatments. In some cases up to several months.

However, the effect is long-lasting, satisfying and with proper care after the procedure. It does not require an infinite number of treatments. Aesthetic medicine brings effects almost immediately. Effects are not long-lasting, because the effect disappears and treatments should be repeated every few months. A brilliant proposition for people struggling with the problem of aging is to combine laser treatments with aesthetic medicine treatments. Then it is possible to get the full-size effect of getting rid of the skin’s undesirable traits.