The skin condition affects not only the appearance, but also on our well-being. When our body is cellulite and wrinkles, we are more confident and self-esteem. But how to keep firm, young, smooth and having aligned color of skin complexion? We know a perfect recipe – needle mesotherapy treatment. With time, the skin condition of the body and face start to age and loose the elactity. Fortunately, in just a few moments, you can restore a beautiful appearance and well-being. To do that, contrary to appearances, you do not have to decide on the do surgery. Just needle mesotherapy or needle skin rejuvenation.

Needle Mesotherapy – what it is?

The treatment can be situated on the border of cosmetics and aesthetic medicine. Needle Mesotherapy is an effective treatment, which leads to the total biorevitalization of the skin. It is a method of medical treatment, safe and very effective.

The treatment involves injecting into the skin a cocktail of vitamins, active substances, sometimes hyaluronic acid, which is precious ingredients that are missing from our skin and body. The particular type of medical coctails is always selected individually – depending on the needs of the client. Other ingredients will be needed in case of problems with cellulite, the other for skin with first wrinkles….

Mesotherapy is performed after a thorough anesthetic skin with cream EMLA, so the injection of active ingredients into the skin usually do not hurt.

Needle Mesotherapy haso also other uses, such as hair. Using a specially developed complex of amino acids and vitamins (eg. Haircare). We can stimulate hair follicles to the action and growth – so the result is a beautiful, flexible and dense hair.

Mesotherapy – Rejuvenation

Needle Mesotherapy is an ideal therapy for any person who is interested in treatments with hyaluronic acid. The most important here is high efficiency and effectiveness. Hyaluronic acid is introduced directly into the skin. As a result, we are able to maximize the use of its properties.

In the case of mesotherapy, hyaluronic acid begins to act directly at the problem, stimulating the skin to fill wrinkles and smoothing concrete wrinkles. What are the different types of mesotherapy?

Procedure of each type of mesotherapy is similar. The main difference lies in the applied cocktail of active ingredients.

Biorevitalization hyaluronic acid can be carried out using a variety of medical coctails, eg. PRINCESS RICH, RESTYLANE VITAL, STYLAGE HYDRO. Mesotherapy is one of the best solution for the skin problems.

The most popular are not only the needle mesotherapy face, but also neck and neck. Every person suffering from the apparent lack of firmness of the skin, the occurrence of wrinkles and fine lines will love mesotherapy.

Needle Mesotherapy – how often to perform the procedure?

Due to the fact that mesotherapy is not a treatment worked only superficially and temporarily stimulates skin renewal, it must be repeated from time to time. Usually, it is recommended that at least 4 treatments every 3 weeks. But keep in mind that each case is different. The specialist performing the procedure will observe the reaction of the skin, seeing the results, to determine how much more or less is needed to achieve the desired effect.


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Who should try needle mesotherapy?

Needle Mesotherapy treatment is an excellent for people who are not satisfied with the use of creams, masks. It’s for all who want to improve the skin as quickly as possible. The treatment is also recommend those rather avoid invasive medical procedures  and prefer something safer, which does not cause complications and does not require a long downtime.

Mesotherapy perfectly removes signs of aging of the skin, boosts hydration of the epidermis, nourishes, improves facial contours. It can also fill lines and wrinkles and rejuvenations the skin. In addition, needle mesotherapy performed on the body helps to: eliminate cellulite, remove excess fat in certain places, shape the body, to stimulate hair growth.

Needle Mesotherapy – Contraindications:

The main contraindications can include:

– Pregnancy and lactation

– Diabetes

– Allergy to ingredients

– Herpes,

– Cancer, Use of drugs, lower blood clotting

What results brings needle mesotherapy?

Currently, needle mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid, polylactic, vitamins and amino acid is the most popular.

After the first treatment, You will notice better hydration of the epidermis, the skin nourishing and smoothing the skin lines. After couple of treatments fine wrinkles will disappear, and some wrinkles became less visible. But keep in mind that the expected rejuvenation of the skin depends on the skin condition.

Before and after

Before the treatment, you should avoid sun bathing, if we want to perform mesotherapy on the face or body. A few days before the procedure, you should not use strong chemical peels, or other strong cosmetic formulations in these areas of the body that will undergo mesotherapy. 24 hours after mesotherapy You should treat your skin in a very gentle way, using eg. Soft gels, no perfumed or alcohol contained beauty products. After the redness of the skin disappear, which is a natural result of the surgery, you can return to the normal use of cosmetics that we usually use. Redness should disappear within 24-48 hours after treatment.

Needle Mesotherapy is now one of the most effective anti-aging treatments, regenerating the skin, fighting with cellulite or fat. It brings quick results and does not cause complications. It is recommended by doctors and beauticians around the world and highly appreciated by many patients.