Smog is an enemy of our skin. In addition to UV radiation, smog is a major factor in accelerating skin aging. Toxic chemical compounds present in it lead to discoloration, hypersensitivity, graying, acne, overdrying and susceptibility to free radicals – all this in effect accelerates the aging process. The negative impact of smog on the skin can be reduced by office treatments.

The effect of smog on the skin

Smog found in the smog and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (so-called PAHs) penetrate inside the skin cells and generate substances with strong dyeing and oxidizing properties that produce reactive oxygen species. Free radical activity leads to external signs of skin aging: increased pigmentation and discoloration. This may be particularly important in the development of melasma. As a result, collagen fibers are degraded. After just a few days of being in polluted air, you will notice that the skin becomes dehydrated, rough, more sensitive and susceptible to all weather conditions.

The main functions and importance of the skin for the body

The skin is the largest organ of our body, so any impurities affecting the top layer of the body can also affect the entire body. It performs important functions during thermoregulation, enables the absorption of certain substances, participates in the water and electrolyte economy.

SKEYNDOR TREATMENTS – are designed to cleanse, oxygenate and nourish tired skin


– sun discoloration,
– melasma,
– wrinkles
– acne vulgaris,
– adult acne,
– skin exposed to sunlight,
– exposure to polluted air, smog, dust.


– Herpes
– allergic to preparations,
– Infectious diseases: viral, bacterial, fungal,
– papular-pustular acne,
– Wounds, broken skin.

POWER OXYGEN – effective oxygenating treatment and strengthening the hydrolipid barrier. It protects the skin against urban pollution. It helps reduce negative impact of smog on the skin

Power Oxygen – an innovative Skeyndor care line with a double effect: it strongly oxygenates tired skin and creates a protective barrier against environmental pollution.

Power Oxygen protects and cleanses the skin of environmental pollution. By creating a coating capable of capturing dirt particles and removing them. It also soothes irritations after sunbathing, brings relief and relief to the skin. Due to the versatile action, this treatment is recommended for all skin types for oxygenation, quick hydration improvement, reduction of redness and irritation, as well as anti-aging therapy. Regularly performing this procedure leads to a lasting effect of wrinkle reduction and a marked improvement in tension. The line is dedicated to women with dull skin, subjected to daily stress and high exposure to urban pollution, such as smog or car exhaust fumes. It works perfectly as a banquet treatment: it gives the effect of a radiant and rested face.

wpływ smogu na skórę, the effect of smog on the skin


Aquatherm is a treatment for sensitive, dehydrated skin that uses the soothing effect of thermal water.

Therapy thanks to the richness of mineral salts and oligoelements effectively restores the balance of epidermal metabolism, provides immediate relief for sensitive skin. Regular use normalizes irritated skin, reduces the tendency to react to weather conditions or stress. The treatment deeply moisturizes, soothes, oxygenates, smoothes, brightens and calms the skin with telangiectasias. Mineral salts and oligoelements from thermal waters, probiotic sugars, ceramides soothe and regenerate while helping to rebuild the skin’s natural defenses.


Geneo ™ treatment is a 3in1 skin care. It involves the simultaneous exfoliation, introduction of nutrients and oxygenation. Geneo ™ is a face, neck and cleavage treatment whose effects are visible immediately. Very often made before the occasion as a banquet operation. Geneo ™ causes a reaction in the body called the “Bohr effect”, as a result of which oxygen is transported to the treatment area, while exfoliating the epidermis. As a result of this reaction, an ideal environment is created to absorb the necessary active substances both during and after the procedure. The effect of smog on the skin after the Geneo procedure is significantly reduced.

Depending on the desired effects, there are two treatment options: NeoRevive® and NeoBright®

NeoRevive® – skin rejuvenation

The effects of the procedure:

– Reduction of fine wrinkles and skin firming,
– Reduction of enlarged pores,
– improvement of skin density,
– Healthier and more radiant skin appearance,
– Oxygenation.

NeoBright® – lightening and nourishing the skin

The effects of the procedure:

– lightening discoloration,
– Natural oxygenation, hydration and nutrition of the skin,
– Color alignment,
– Improving skin density and firmness.

The Geneo ™ procedure

The Geneo ™ effect is created after combining on the skin surface a Pollogen patented Capsugen exfoliating capsule and a gel rich in nutrients and active substances. Geneo ™ effectively cleanses and exfoliates keratinized epidermis. During the procedure, the treatment area is massaged with an abrasive head, countless small bubbles rich in CO2 are produced, which gently burst on the surface of the skin. An environment rich in carbon dioxide causes a physiological reaction of the body, called the “Bohr effect”.

The Bohr effect consists in:

– Sending oxygen-rich blood to the treatment area,
– Increased blood flow in the capillaries and reticular vessels,
– Improving skin cell metabolism,
– Stimulation of cells for regeneration,

As a result, the skin is bright, smooth, firm, nourished and strongly oxygenated.

wpływ smogu na skórę, the effect of smog on the skin

The effects and benefits of the Geneo ™ treatment:

– “3 in 1” method: exfoliation, absorption of nutrients and oxygenation of the skin from the inside,
– Maximum absorption of nutrients contained in products for this treatment,
– Natural oxygenation,
– Works great on all complexions and all body areas,
– Maximum hygiene due to disposable sterile components,
– You can go back to your daily activities immediately after the procedure
– Stimulating the skin to regenerate and defend against a polluted environment.

Contraindications to the Geneo procedure:

– cancer
– pregnancy and lactation,
– nervous disorders (including neuropathy),
– diabetes
– vascular diseases in the treatment area: varicose veins, phlebitis, thrombosis and dilated capillaries,
– skin disease or damage in the treatment area,
– herpes and other viral diseases,
– psoriasis
– papular-pustular acne,
– rosacea.

Contaminants in the air penetrate the skin cells and generate substances that produce reactive oxygen species. The activity of free radicals leads to external signs of skin aging, causes discoloration and hypoxia. We can only prevent degradation of cells and collagen fibers by systematically oxygenating and nutritional treatments. In this way we will limit the negative impact of smog on the skin.
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