Post inflammatory discolorations are a common ailment. They appear as a result of many factors and in various places on our body. Particularly visible can look unsightly and drive into complexes. The reason for their formation is an increased level of melanin in the body.

Post-inflammatory discoloration – what is it?

One of the most common discolorations on human skin are post-inflammatory discolorations. As the name suggests, they are caused by inflammation or skin damage. They are formed after injuries, past allergies or by atopic dermatitis. However, their main cause is acne, with which a huge number of men and women struggle. It is after the fight against acne that we usually receive a souvenir in the form of smaller and larger spots on the face, neck and back. It is easier for people with dark complexion to get them. They take different colors: from light pink, through red to brown. These discolorations, later exposed to the sun may become darker and even more visible.


Post inflammatory discolorations. How to get rid of discoloration?

Discolouration is worth preventing, but it does not always work. Once they are formed and do not want to be let go, you can get rid of them by means of various cosmetic treatments, which will allow you to completely solve the problem. So what can we use and what can we do to make our skin return to a perfect, uniform color?przebarwienia pozapalne, post inflammatory discolorations

What are the best methods?

A popular method in the fight against discoloration is TRX System, or chemical peeling with tranexamic acid. This acid not only removes already formed discolorations, but also effectively inhibits melanin production. This means that it will protect us from the formation of subsequent stains. It also has an anti-scouring and moisturizing effect. It soothes inflammation, so it will be an ideal choice for acne or allergic skin.

Another good way may be fractional mesotherapy treatments combined with peelings. These treatments stimulate the skin to produce collagen and elastin which makes it regenerate faster. In addition, substances let underneath it, contain moisturizing or tightening ingredients. Properly performed treatment is practically painless. It is worth combining it with an appropriate peeling, which will definitely strengthen the effect. It should be remembered that the quality of the products used is extremely important, Mediderma’s products such as TRX Booster will work great here.


Exfoliation treatments for post-inflammatory discolouration

Exfoliation treatments are also great for non-inflammatory discolorations. The iPixel fractional laser technology is based on penetration of the epidermis by several dozen laser microparticles, which directly attack problematic places. Exfoliated skin after a few days from the treatment regenerates, and thus looks as fresh as before. By the way, collagen is also stimulated, which slows down the aging process.przebarwienia pozapalne jak usun膮膰, Non-inflammatory discolorations

For exfoliation treatments we can also use Retix C or Retises CT. These treatments are performed with the support of 4% retinol and ascorbic acid. Retinol, or in other words, vitamin A has a large share in the formation and growth of cells. Ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, brightens the skin and gives it shine. Both treatments involve the application of appropriate substances. Over the next few days exfoliate the old epidermis, allowing the creation of a new, stain-free skin.

There is also a treatment called Nomelan Cafeico, which is based on substances such as phenolic derivatives and rosemary acid. These complex peelings stimulate cell renewal and have a brightening effect. Rosemary acid is responsible for the removal of discoloration in this process, while the phenols also have antifungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects.

We can also opt for a treatment with Dye-VL laser, the activity of which is to close the vessels. Damaged cells are quickly replaced with new ones, which results in improved skin tone.


There are many options that will allow us to free ourselves from stubborn stains and skin discoloration. But just as we humans are different, our skins and problems are different. Therefore, it would be advisable to talk to the professionals who best recognize the causes and direct them to the right treatment that is most effective for us. For this purpose, it is worth making an appointment for a consultative visit to our J’adore Institute cosmetic salon in Warsaw or Krakow. We invite you!