Cellulite appears mostly in women. It is estimated that up to 90% of the world’s population is struggling with this problem. It turns out that unsightly folds and bumps on the skin that resemble orange peel occur not only in women who have an overweight problem. This dysfunction is also a common problem in slim women. Cellulite is not related to the amount of fat accumulated. This is the effect of its uneven distribution.

Fortunately, today there are effective ways to get rid of these changes. We present endermology, vacuum massage, which stimulates fat to burn faster. What does the procedure look like, who can benefit from it, what are the effects of endermology? Check it out now.

What does the procedure look like?

Endermology is a mechanical massage that uses negative pressure. That is why the effects of endermology are so spectacular. Each treatment is much more intense, it works exactly like a traditional massage, but with a lot more strength.

To perform a vacuum massage, the patient puts on a special overalls, and the massage is carried out with a special head with rollers. They suck air, creating a vacuum. As a result, adipose tissue is stimulated for rapid burning and excretion. Endermology also works on cellulite and shapes the figure. This type of mechanical massage can be performed every few days (the best effects can be performed every other day) throughout the body. Intensive treatment is about 10-15 treatments, then it is worth carrying out one booster treatment once every few months. Each massage lasts about 45 minutes.

zabieg endermologii Relaxation for muscles and cellulite reduction? Discover the perfect treatment

Endermology treatment

It is worth noting that the effects of endermology are spectacular, but only when massages are performed regularly. Along with the treatments, it is also good to change your lifestyle to a more active one and take care of your diet. Nutritionists recommend the so-called anti-cellulite diet.

Who should opt for a vacuum massage?

Endermologie is a procedure that can be successfully used by all who are struggling with cellulite and excessive fat tissue. Interestingly, the effects of endermology are also beneficial for athletes and people who engage in increased physical activity. All because massage with negative pressure has a positive effect on eliminating edema or muscle tension. It is extremely important for the condition of the whole body and achieving better results in sport.

Endermology is an ideal body modeling and slimming procedure. It is recommended to all who want to enjoy a slim figure without unnecessary fat and perfectly tense and smooth skin without the effect of so-called orange peel.

When do you see the first effects of endermology?

You don’t have to wait long for the first effects of endermology, because these are noticeable after the first treatment. Of course, you have to wait a bit for the breakdown, burning and excretion of fat, but after the first massage the body part selected changes significantly. First of all, the muscles are relaxed, so you can talk about relaxing effects. Pain, stiff joints and swelling also disappear. The skin becomes more tense and smooth. After a whole series of endermologie treatments, cellulite disappears almost completely, and we can enjoy optimal firmness.

The effects of endermology depend on several factors. Important is the stage of advancement of imperfections, which are to be leveled massages, and a selected body part. Most often, endermology is performed on the back, abdomen, thighs or buttocks, in places where most often fat tissue accumulates unevenly and in excess.

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Effects of endermology

Are there any contraindications for such a massage?

Although endermology is a safe vacuum massage, not everyone can use this type of treatment. It turns out that the contraindication is usually pregnancy, breastfeeding, oncological diseases, phlebitis, varicose veins, hernia, lipomas, prone to bursting capillaries.