Discover popular slimming and body shaping treatments. Check which equipment used during slimming and body shaping is the most effective. Check out the most important recommendations before attempting slimming and body shaping.

Almost all of us face the problem of imperfect figure. I think that most women would answer yes if they would like to give away a few kilos effortlessly. What actions in this direction can enable J’adore Institute?

Licensed cosmetologist J’adore Institute: In the field of slimming and body shaping we have many treatments available depending on the specific problem: excess fat and cellulite – primarily cryolipolysis, endermology and radio wave. Stretch marks, lack of firmness and skin density – the above procedures, as well as electrostimulation, Chinese bank massages, for lymph and tissue fluids – we highly recommend BTL lymphatic drainage.

I am asking for closer treatment of BTL Lymphastim – who is it intended for? How many treatments are needed to completely fix the problem?

Cosmetologist: The purpose of lymphatic drainage is to drain and improve the flow of residual lymph and body fluids towards “to the lymph nodes”, from where they are drained to the kidneys and subsequently removed from the body. Therefore, the treatment is primarily dedicated to people suffering from the syndrome of “heavy legs”, women walking in high heels, people doing standing work. The treatment eliminates swelling, stimulates the lymphatic system to cleanse the body of toxins, prevents varicose veins, also supports the transport of fats released from cells during complementary treatments. It’s best to do a series of about 10-15 treatments. The exact number can be approximated during the consultation, at the latest after one treatment.

Does the Cryolipolysis treatment really work as spectacularly as it is presented in promotional films? According to specialists, the effects after one treatment are up to 3 cm less in circumference! Is it true? What effects can be expected after a series of treatments?

Cosmetologist: Yes, that’s true. The treatment brings very good effects after the first treatment. In fact, the last client lost 3 cm at the waist after one treatment. After the series, following the post-treatment recommendations, you can lose about 8-10 cm from the perimeter, the skin becomes smooth, tense, firm, cellulite is eliminated. However, the exact cm is a very individual matter. Rapid and permanent loss of cm always goes hand in hand with diet and exercise. I recommend a diet low in sugars and saturated fatty acids. In addition, regular training and movement in the fresh air.

What exactly is the operation of this wonderful equipment?

Cosmetologist: Cryolipolysis is a procedure involving the destruction of fat cells with the help of a freezing factor. A membrane is applied to the affected area, which protects the skin against frostbite, and a special head sucks in folds of fat tissue. During the treatment, the released fat crystallizes and liquefies, which is naturally metabolized and removed from the body. An interview with a cosmetologist is important, as well as the inclusion and exclusion of all contraindications.

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Could you suggest some special set / combination of various slimming treatments for a non-sports person who dreams of a slim figure?

Cosmetologist: Each of us dreams of a slim figure, but not everyone can find time to systematically play sports and be active. Opposite come a variety of aesthetic treatments that help you deal with it in a very effective way.

At J’adore Institute we can offer various types of slimming and modeling treatments. We work on the highest quality equipment, confirmed by certificates. Before each treatment, the cosmetologist conducts a detailed interview with the client to discuss the procedure, indications, contraindications. For a person who does not like movement, at the beginning I would suggest cryolipolysis, in order to strongly reduce excess fat. Perhaps quick results will encourage the client to exercise, which will speed up the process even more. Between cryolipolysis procedures (which should be performed in a series about one month apart), I would encourage you to use the following treatments interchangeably: endermology, which will additionally improve skin firmness and density, as well as electrostimulation, Chinese cupping or body treatments wrappingu. A very good solution is a series of treatments using radio waves, thanks to which we will obtain multidirectional effects.

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When our body is beautifully modeled, the skin is firm and free of cellulite and stretch marks, for the full, beautiful result only the right shade of gently and evenly tanned skin is missing. What is the advantage of SunFX spray tanning over cream tanner that we can use regularly at home?

Cosmetologist: SunFX spray tanning is very popular among the clients of J’adore Institute. The advantage of spray tanning over self-tanning applied at home is, above all, the fact that it is performed by a trained cosmetologist, and the procedure itself is performed in a very thorough and careful manner. The preparations are anti-allergic, pleasant to the skin. The most important advantage is the fact that we work on a universal dye that suits every complexion. The cosmetologist adjusts the intensity of the preparation to the client’s natural skin color and the desired tanning effect, thanks to which the effects are very natural and the durability is much longer than when using a regular self-tanning cream at home. After the treatment, the skin is thoroughly dried, which strengthens the effect and prevents unsightly stains and streaks. Home care tips are also very helpful, as they will help you stick on your tan.

Should I be prepared for the procedure?

Cosmetologist: First of all, the day before the procedure, a full body and face peeling should be performed, if it is also to be covered. On the day of the procedure, do not embalming the skin, use antiperspirant, wear dark and loose clothing. After the tanning session, you should not touch the skin until it is completely dry. You can take a bath after approx. 8 hours.