The condition of the skin, the condition and appearance of hair is a mirror image of the health of our body. Increased amount of hair loss is a problem affecting both women and men of different ages. Genetics and lifestyle is a very important factor predisposing to the appearance of hair problem. Carboxytherapy and mesotherapy – in this article you will learn everything about them.

Carboxytherapy and mesotherapy

Human hair is subject to a three-phase condition, which occurs independently at any age. Hair life stages are divided into three cycles: anagen, catagen and telogen. Anagen is the hair growth cycle. In this phase there are about 80-90% of hair follicles. Anagen is the longest phase, usually from 2-7 years. Catagen is a transient cycle, usually lasting from 7-14 days. In this phase there is usually about 0.5-1% of hair. During this transition phase, the hair follicle shrinks and ends its activity, which leads to the necrosis of the hair follicle. Telogen is a phase called resting phase and usually lasts from 5-6 weeks. During this cycle about 10-15 % of the hair is present. At the end of this phase the hair follicle enters a new hair production cycle.


A scalp and hair condition requires us to treat it properly, just like any other condition. Currently, in beauty parlors, one of the many methods in the fight against excessive hair loss is carboxytherapy of the scalp. The carboxytherapy performed on the scalp leads to the formation of new blood vessel networks. To the opening and expansion of constricted vessels. The effect of Carboxytherapy is oxygenation as well as significant nutrition of the treated area. Results of the treatment are the result of injecting a CO2 gas deposit into the tissues which leads to dilatation of blood vessels and oxygenation of the scalp. As a result of the treatment, vascular endothelial growth factors are created. It is a defensive mechanism of our body, which stimulates to stimulate and rebuild the hair.

Karboksyterapia oraz mezoterapia, Carboxytherapy and mesotherapy

Carboxytherapy is a non-invasive safe treatment that we can perform all year round. Carboxytherapy treatment has a broad spectrum of influence on improving hair condition. As a trichological treatment it is recommended to perform the treatment in case of psoriasis. What else? 聽Excess hair loss and hair growth stimulation. The effect of carbon dioxide in the tissues lasts about seven days, after this period it is recommended to repeat the treatment.

Contraindications for carboxytherapy

Severe heart and lung failure,
Kidney failure,
Blood clotting disorder,
Pregnancy and lactation period,
Skin infection within the treated area.

How many carboxytherapy treatments should be performed in case of hair loss?

The number and frequency of treatments for alopecia and hair loss is determined individually. At the very beginning of the therapy, it is recommended to perform repetitions every 4-7 days for about 4 weeks. In the case of the fight against alopecia, the frequency of treatments should be performed every 7 days series of treatments from 12-24 repetitions. The carboxytherapy treatment lasts on average 14-30 minutes.

The effects of the treatment after carboxytherapy are dependent on the individual patient’s problem. Noticeable results often occur after three repetitions. 聽Therapy against excess hair loss it is recommended to combine the procedure of two methods: carboxytherapy and needle mesotherapy for hair skin.

Karboksyterapia oraz mezoterapia, Carboxytherapy and mesotherapy


Mesotherapy of the scalp guarantees significant improvement of hair condition. The type of cocktail administered is determined by the cosmetologist during the diagnosis of the patient. Mesotherapy treatment of the scalp is recommended for people suffering from a troublesome problem of hair loss as well as alopecia. In order to achieve satisfactory therapeutic effects it is recommended to perform a series of treatments. The effects of the treatment are visible after a few months from the beginning of the treatment. Needle mesotherapy treatment is a great way to prevent hair loss.

Indications for treatment

Increased amount of hair loss caused:

  • Abnormal diet,
  • Period after pregnancy and lactation,
  • Hormonal disorders,
  • Stress,
  • Cake alopecia,
  • Male pattern baldness.
  • Poor circulation.

The appearance of our hair is a reflection of our body’s work – the type of care and hairdressing treatments applied. To reduce the undesirable effects of hair loss and alopecia, the appropriate type of prevention should be applied as soon as possible. Carboxytherapy and mesotherapy are the best therapies for this problem. We invite you to consult with our Institute in Krakow or Warsaw.

The text was written by Kornelia Halada