Strong rejuvenation of the skin – iPixel with plalet rich plasma

Strong rejuvenation of the skin – iPixel with plalet rich plasma
When the first signs of aging appear on our skin, we usually accept them. We care for our skin, hoping that the wrinkles will not get deeper quickly. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that they quickly turn into visible and unsightly furrows that give us years. What can we do in this situation?

Deep rejuvenation treatments are modern methods that not only give satisfactory results, but are also safe for your skin's health. Get to know them better and see why you should decide to do them! 

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IPixel fractionation treatment with platelet rich plasma

Dr Lidia Majewska is an exceptionally experienced specialist you can trust and she will take care of you once you are in our Institute.
One of the treatments that provides really strong skin rejuvenation is the iPixel fractionation procedure combined with skin injection platelet-rich plasma. You can be sure that the treatment will be carried out in a precise and safe manner and its effects will meet even the greatest expectations. In our Institute we use the highest quality laser  - Alma Harmony XL. Thanks to this, the treatment is so effective. What's more, both fractionation and plasma injection take place during the same appointment in our institute, making it a time-saving solution. First, we do iPixel skin fractionation and then the doctor performs skin rejuvenation with platelet rich plasma.

For whom?

The iPixel fractionation treatment is a great way to get rid of scars, discolorations, acne lesions or closed pores. It also great treatment for people whose skin has visible wrinkles, lost their firmness and tension. It is a modern and effective solution that can handle even very deep furrows. This treatment helps to rejuvenate and regenerate skin in an effective and very safe way.

Is it safe

A lot of people who decide to use the fractionation treatments are concerned about whether it is safe. After all, the treatment causes microdamage of the epidermis and dermis. However, we would like to calm down our clients. Although it may cause unpleasant burning during its performance and the skin may be slightly flushed, there is no real reason for concern. The full reconstruction of the epidermis occurs already in 48 to 96 hours after the procedure. Which means that it is a much shorter recovery time than when using traditional fractional lasers.

What does the fractionation treatment look like?

The fractionation treatment takes about 40 minutes. The treated skin is disinfected and anesthetized to reduce the risk of unpleasant sensations. Experienced specialists from our institute, withthe help of a modern device emitting laser, causes the microdamages on skin so called "pixels". Between them there is healthy, intact tissue which makes the skin heal very quickly after the procedure.

Why plalet rich plasma?

Many of our clients are wondering what the purpose of the fractionation treatment is to also inject skin with platelet rich plasma. Meanwhile, the answer to this question is very simple - thanks to this the effects are even more visible and persist for a long time.
Platelet rich plasma is a natural product obtained from the patient's blood. Thanks to that, it does not cause sensitization and does not cause any allergic changes. At the same time, it has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin. It favors its revitalization and reconstruction of collagen fibers. In addition, it perfectly improves blood circulation in the skin and helps to smooth out wrinkles and wrinkles. The combination of these two modern treatments is a high efficiency that is able to meet the expectations of our customers. It is also worth adding that this combination is completely safe for the health and condition of the skin.

The effects that will positively surprise you

Let's look at the effects of the fractionation treatment combined with the injection of platelet-rich plasma. What can we say about them? First of all, it is worth to mention that they appear after the first treatment, which is a decisive advantage of this solution for many people. The skin is much more tense, the wrinkles become shallower or disappear completely. Same happens to discolorations and minor scars. The effects increase in time from 1 to 3 after this procedure. So instead of agreeing with the gradual return of signs of aging from day to day, we look better and better! At this point it is worth noting that the effects of fractionation are divided into immediate effects (including smoothing the skin, improving tension, density) and progressive (such as: reduction of scars, stretch marks, improvement of face contours, contours, wrinkles reduction)

In conclusion, strong skin rejuvenation is the perfect solution if the signs of aging on your face are visible and you want to refresh your skin.

The price of the iPixel treatment with plasma for face is currently in the promotion PLN 1499 (the regular price is PLN 2,000)

The price of the facial and neckline treatment PLN 2499

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