If you want to improve the condition of your face skin, it is worth considering a treatment involving manual cleansing. Visible skin imperfections such as blackheads – open and closed, piglets, pimples, excessive seborrhoea or sebum production will be effectively treated. They will no longer spoil the appearance of your face. Depending on individual needs, it is recommended to perform a prophylactic skin cleansing treatment.

Specificity of the method

The method is based on manual cleaning of imperfections. First the makeup is washed off. Then the skin is peeled off, and at the end a stream of hot steam is directed to selected areas – opening clogged pores and increasing the effectiveness of the treatment. Before your skin is treated with warm steam, a special softener is usually applied, which enhances the effect and protects against possible larger irritations. The personnel performing the treatment, using finger pressure – protected by hypoallergenic gloves – remove unwanted pore content and keratinized epidermis. After a few minutes, a mask, cream or lotion is applied to the face. Soothe the effect of hot steam and get rid of imperfections.

The final stage is the application of the mask. It is adapted to the characteristics of the patient’s skin – it successfully nourishes and protects. Manual cleansing, is designed for almost all skin types. The exception is the capillary type, which does not react well to hot steam, as well as the presence of inflammation, herpes, abscess and rosacea. Manual cleaning is also avoided in pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding.

Complete the method with other treatments – increase its effectiveness

In order to strengthen the effects of the selected method, you can consider choosing a comprehensive complement to the process. Manual cleaning supplements can be, for example, Dermaquest products. It is worth to get acquainted with the manufacturer’s offer and extend the effect of the treatment. A good choice may be a brightening face wash gel – it helps to illuminate discolorations and unifies skin tone. Therapeutic oil for washing the face and eye area – successfully cleanses without damaging the hydrolipidic skin barrier. It is also worth to familiarize yourself with the offer of medical peeling Dermaquest. With a unique formula, used throughout the entire fluid process, the product effectively eliminates the most common skin imperfections.

Think about emphasizing the effect of the treatment, with the use of light therapy, performed through led pdt lamps. The effect of the device is to stimulate skin cells and their deep regeneration. Cavitation peeling also helps, which exfoliates dead epidermis and reveals younger layers of skin.

oczyszczanie manualne, Manual cleansing

Another method is hydrogen purification. It consists in treating the skin with a water stream enriched with active hydrogen, directed at it. It penetrates deep into tissues and relaxes muscles. To emphasize the action of manual cleansing, it is also suggested to use oxybrasion and diamond microdermabrasion. In the first case, by means of an oxygen and water treatment, you will reduce acne and wrinkles. Choosing the second option, you will help yourself to combat wrinkles, possible wounds and discoloration – by exfoliating and removing deep layers of epidermis.

Manual cleansing – effects

The use of manual cleansing will help you to get rid of unsightly, dead skin. It will improve the firmness and elasticity of the face skin. It will emphasize its healthy color. Prophylactic application will allow you to effectively eliminate excessive sebum production. What else? Keratosis of hair follicles and the formation of piglets – transparent bubbles that appear as a result of skin damage.

When deciding on manual cleansing, you choose a manual technique, which can sometimes be slightly painful. In order to effectively get rid of open and closed blackheads and piglets, you need to use appropriate pressure. The treatment, however, is carried out by experienced staff who take care to adjust the intensity accordingly. The skin of your face, immediately after the main part is finished, is calmed down with a mask and cream, soothing the demanding treatment.

oczyszczanie manualne, Manual cleansing

Put yourself in good hands

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